Why is there no way to loop selected rows within a pattern?

As far as I understand, there’s nothing built-in to allow the user to loop only the selected rows of a pattern. There is block loop, which is cool, but what if you only wanted to loop (for example) rows 221-254 in the current pattern? I guess there’s also Shift+Space to start playback from the currently selected row, but what do you do if you just want to repeatedly playback only the few specific rows that you’re currently editing?

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This matter is more complex than people might think.

Renoise doesn’t have it integrated, but it would be strange if @taktik refused to integrate it as it is quite useful.

Here’s a “near-perfect” LUA tool that does exactly that:

It even has more options than you would expect if it were integrated under the hood.

Many of the features that Renoise users ask for may be covered by LUA tools. That’s what they are for. However, there are certain specific features that would be great if they were integrated. This is one of them.

I’d say there are more than 5 separate forums that discuss exactly this matter. :joy: