Why Renoise phrases cant modulate instrument dsp?

Maybe i am stupid but Renoise cant modulate instrument fx inside the phrases?
It is something what should be possible. I understand that saving phrases with DSP commands would be confusing. But solution would be
saving phrase -> will save phrase without dsp commands
saving instrument -> will save also phrases with dsp commands

It would make sound design possibilities much better. Mapping FX to macro and creating macro device is so much uncomfortable workaround (and it cant be used again in different track).

You can still use affect a keytracker device in the instrument DSP and make it affect other DSP devices. If you need specific control at points where you don’t want to have the note data audible or require to have different notes being toggled than the ones needed for the keytracker, you could also pick an empty sample, assign it to the highest octave or lowest octave rate and simply set the keytracker to behave to these octave notes only.
It would be nice to be able to control DSP effects directly through effect commands, but i suspect this will come somewhere in a later development round.

Thank you VV, funny solution.

It is almost basic keyswitching, every major sampler allows this. Renoise does it a bit different though ;)