Why The Jump From 2.1 To 2.5

first let me say that i think renoise is ace and comes at a very reasonable price (right now)
But, it seems a bit odd to me that renoise has jumped from version 2.1 to 2.5 and missed all the versions inbetween.
where are 2.2; 2.3 and 2.4
the only reason i can think of is a big rippoff money making vibe merchant Scam.
the licence i baught was for 1.9, so this means my last upgrade will be 2.9
perhaps the next version will be v3 and ill have to pay again if i want it
i hope im wrong, but…
what other reason can there be for missing out 3 versions of renoise?

Because it is ace and comes at a very reasonable price.

At 60 some odd euros the developers are hardly making a killing. They actually have proper day jobs from my awareness.
As the others said, small jumps are for small updates…bigger jumps for big updates.

For those who registered at 1.9, they will notice a huge diff in 2.0-2.1 in comparision to 2.1-2.5.
These guys work real hard for little return, my guess is that registration covers some overhead and maybe some play money but not a living.

Coding software is no joke, esp when you account for the myriad variables of vsts, os ,rewire programs etc.

I appreciate what goes into coding software and will be glad to renew my license when mine runs out.

If the Renoise devs are scammers, then Ableton is Bernie Madoff.

i gotta tell you that i wish i had to pay again because my license had expired, that was sign that i knew about Renoise a long time ago :D

“If the Renoise devs are scammers, then Ableton is Bernie Madoff.” :D

i heard that it costs something like 500€ or so… jesus, i paid 300€ or less for pro tools with a soundcard device!

Really? Do Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Reason or any of the other big sequencers go 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 etc? No, they do dont. They do new versions that are merely bug fixes. Renoise gives us brand new features in each update - and considering how big of an update 2.5 was, I am amazed it wasn’t the 3.0 update.

No disrespect, but your post makes no sense at all.


When you buy Renoise, you pay for the current version. Not some theoretical future version.

Upgrades are a bonus. Nothing more.

At 60 Euro… That’s like, one night of drinking at a bar coming home and passing out. Renoise is worth less than that?! Fuck no.

wow nice responses
yes i agree with most of you, about most of the things you said
i just thaught it was a point worth raising
so it is for a bit of (well deserved)extra cash then
erm… and… er And because of new features
but they do what they want
im happy even with a beta version of 2.5

conner_bw, when i baught renoise, the deal covered future updates
not just a single version

And you got these upgrades. 3+ years worth of upgrades.

Have a look a the release notes:

1.0 -> 1.2 -> 1.5 -> 1.8 -> 1.9 -> 2.0 -> 2.1 -> 2.5

The next version, already announced, is 2.6.

There have been version jumps in the past, there will be jumps in the future. It’s not a new thing.

They charge very quickly for updates as well even if it is only a bugfix. The latter is quite crap if you have to pay for a version that only has bugfixes which means:You have to pay for software that isn’t good enough initially and then later you have to pay to cover for the mistakes the developers shouldn’t have made in the first place. Software developed and published with that kind of mentality i desert very quickly, no matter how rich of features and how user friendly. (Again:Welcome Ex-cubase users)

Renoise comes with new stuff each new release:Always! If something is not right it will be fixed during Beta time:Always! Bugfixes that end up in a newer version are usually minor or very rare (hard to reproduce) occuring problems.

I’m personally happy these kind of “version upgrade vs price quality” discussions are very few and fruitless simply because there is no solid ground to put up these kind of issues to the debate.

It is a little weird if you count like we were taught in school :)
But there could have been many minor releases instead.
Or in fact nothing was stopping the guys from calling it 3.0 instead.
I was a little annoyed when I couldn’t download 2.5,
but 10 minutes later when I had payed (for the second time) and downloaded it
I felt it was money well spent (again). Keep it up renoise dudes…

SO true :lol:

60 with one night :panic:
I mean… err… I used to live with my girlfriend with only 60 Euro per month for half a year… Which makes 1 Euro per day for each. If I spent 60 Euro with one night for drinking I’ll be really angry about myself. But Renoise is worth it - it’s the only thing I’ve spent more than 50 Euros in last two years and I’m really happy with it. Even if the next update after 2.6 is going to be 3.0 (containing pianolol and waveform view <_< ) I’ll find the money for it, no matter what it takes. ;)

The 2.0 -> 2.1 upgrade basically sealed the deal for me. The ReWire feature is IMO the best feature ever to be implemen… no, I hate that word “implemented”, so I’ll say added instead. ;) It’s best for me because it is the single one feature that proves to be extremely useful for my workflow (using external ReWire software). The 2.5 -> 2.6 upgrade might be even better, because if I can just access my external tools (processors) without the hassle of manually copy-pasting XML data around, that will be extremely useful.

Anyway, there’s no logic in assuming that every Renoise upgrade should follow a +0.1 pattern (2.1, 2.2, 2.3… etc). You could just as well argue it would be Renoise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… etc.

Re: price. I think the price tag for Renoise is a bargain, and very low compared to other music software. Just think about how much value to your life Renoise actually adds: I, for one, surely wouldn’t be able to produce music with such level of joy and speed without Renoise.


That’s the spirit! Read and learn, second handers (pirates).

I don’t know if he lives in Japan and you in Ethiopia but both sound a bit too much, although it sounds more plausible to spend 60 € in a bar one night than 60 € per month unless you sleep in a squater and like many punks go to the “garbage” of big supermarkets that throw away products that the end limit has passed but are still good to eat

Well, I’m from Holland, which is not the cheapest country around (on the fucking contrary, they’d tax toiletpaper here if they could) and I had to live on 60/80 euros a month for four years. Obviously, I managed, as I’m still alive ;)

They do tax toilet paper my friend. 6%
Currently these days it becomes harder to find something that is not double taxed.

And eeter clearly states he’s from Estonia, which I have an inkling is far cheaper to live in than London…

Goddammit… from now on I’m gonna use ‘ongeadresseerd drukwerk’ as toiletpaper, cause they chuck THAT down your THROAT. ;)

but 60/80 € is completely impossible

unless you live with your parents and 60/80 € is just for fun, even that if you smoke there’s goes half of it

i don’t see how’s that possible… house, food, gas, electricity, water…