Why The Jump From 2.1 To 2.5

Doable if you’re living with your folks or squatting.

in England and if if do remember in Holand they charge you if you go to a public toilet

better piss in a tree!

ah that’s what i said before

one friend of mine went on a european tour with one of his bands, a punk band, and they stayed in a lot of squaters and eated “garbage” as I said… products from supermarkets with limit ended but still eatable.

at least, in Holland taxes are used to provide services and not to pay the public debit interests like it is in Italy…

Hmm yeah, it’s not completely honest as I lived with a friend of mine, whoes mum left HIM instead of the other way around, to see if she and her new boyfriend would work out. She wanted to keep the house just in case, so me and my girlfriend moved in with him as his roommates. So basically, I didn’t have to pay rent. And I didn’t smoke back then.

@ IT Alien: I wonder for how long though… The Babyboom-generation is now slowely destroying the social structure, after it plundered the country’s treasure chest. The dictatorship of the majority.

We call it Skipping. IE going to supermarket skips when they are closed and taking all the food that is still good but past its sell-by date.

I don’t personally squat and never have but have plenty of friends who do.

The small changes from 2.1 to 2.5 have made my workflow so much faster, especially the pattern sequencer matrix, once I found out how to properly use it, just wow.

I feel cheated by the money I spend for Ableton, I might try to sell my licence and with the money get Reaper, add more ram and a get a better hardware controller

I want to know why it didn’t go…




I feel cheated!!!

because we use hexadecimal numbers in versions

(and yes: version 1.91 was actually 1.145 in decimal)

Don´t worry, Renoise has one of the best upgrade policies of any software in the world, period.

I bought 2.2 back in 2002? 7 years later I had to pay to upgrade.

Not only that, I also got a discount!

7 years + discount!

Now perhaps it wont be that long between upgrades in the future, but upgrading is still very good.

You probably mean 1.2.

Ya he meant he bought a license expiring at 2.2… which was beginning with 1.2

I doubt my 1.8 to 2.8 will last 7 years but I’m already very satisfied with what I got for the price. It’s the best software deal.

Renoise has a very good deal, but Fl Studio’s upgrades for life sounds pretty decent to me…

jus’ sayin :P

Perhaps you can find a Reaper owner who is willing to trade his license for your Ableton…
Hypothetically, I wonder if there would be any Renoise user willing to trade his Renoise copy for Cubase or Ableton…

If anyone was silly enough to trade their ~$500 USD Ableton Live license for my ~€50 EUR Renoise license, then I would gladly do it…

… and then I would immediately buy another Renoise license :)


We were actually travelling in Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland… And we got plenty of food from the shops and from garbage:P But never we had the luxury to go to a bar unless someone was so kind to buy us a couple of drinks… Our 1 euro per day was more like a backup-money.

I feel compelled to contribute to the offtopic and add a correction to the statement that you have to pay for public toilets in England. That’s not entirely true. It depends on where you go :D

Now you can safely come here with the uncertainty that you might have, or might not, to pay for your p**s :rolleyes:

Both sides to the argument have merit. The policy should be clarified because access to future updated versions is clearly stated as a sales benefit.

Perhaps it should be revised to one full version, or a minimum of 1 year of updates if new versions are released frequently over the course of the year (or skip version numbers).

Aside from the fact that Renoise is a small company and provides a great value, in a literal sense the compliant the user posted has merit. Clarifying your language should be done to resolve the issue.

some tips and tricks…

A license covers one full version of updates and should be clear enough on the registration page.
If that’s not enough, you can log into the backstage and there you can actually see up to which version you can download (last mentioned version is also included). As soon as your license does no longer cover the latest update, you automatically get a notification that you have to update.
Usually it takes a few years before you have to worry about that and if you stay away from the backstage all these years, you mostly can download an older version as well.
If you stay away for over a decade, well, let’s just ask, which themepark tickets costs you 50 euro’s that allow you to make thrill rides for over a decade?

I’m not the user with a concern. I think the problem is that you have a user that purchased at v 1.9 and then saw a skip in the version number. If you add in your TOS that the any user will receive at least 1 years worth of updates or 1 full version (which ever is longer) it should help reassure them.