Why was my first post deleted without being notified about it?

I’m new to these forums, I created my first post yesterday in the General Discussion category. It was viewed a couple of times. I just came back from work and found that it was gone. I haven’t received any notification about why, either through the forums or via e-mail.

Why was the post deleted without any notification? If it didn’t belong in that category, why wasn’t it just moved to the correct category?

No one?

Should not happen.

But it did happen, and I’ve received no help or explanation so far about this.

If this is what my first experience with these forums is going to be, I might as well make it my last.

Your post was flagged because it contained an insecure link to some random website that had nothing to do with Renoise. (Even though you did mention Renoise, when your first ever post contains weird external links it does raise alarm bells…)

I’ve restored your post now and have moved it over to the Off Topic category, if anyone is really interested.

Long story short: This dance stuff will never be added to Renoise, unless someone actually builds a 3rd party tool to support it.