Width & Surround Parameters Should Be Identical

I’ve been looking into how the Pre-Mixer’s Width and Stereo Expander’s Surround parameters work, since they’re supposed to be the same. However, I’m seeing a large difference when they’re applied to a slow moving sine wave. The difference isn’t as pronounced when applied to a more complex waveform, but it’s still there (check images at full size for more detail).



Maybe what @taktik kind of meant here is that they are very similar algorithms, but are not completely mathematically identical(?)

(They are the the same dsp routine, then maybe consider changing one of the label sliders to the same wording. I.e. Both labels say ‘width’ or both labels say ‘surround’.)

They are doing the same thing: They extract the treble from the signal, phase shift invert the left treble part, then recombine the signal. So the inverted left channel is expected.

But the track mixer’s surround value indeed doesn’t go up completely to 100%, but only up to 99.2125 %. That indeed looks like a bug. I’ll try fixing this.


Maybe allow for the phase offset with a slider toe button @taktik? I enjoy the difference between the stereo plugin and the channel plugin. Just a nice little difference.

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