Windows 10 Compatibility/Info Thread

Since a number of use are going to be upgrading, if you know anything about something breaking in Windows 10 or if you have info regarding whether something works or not, post your info.

I’ll start it out:

I emailed the Focusrite team regarding their drivers, and they responded with this:

Thanks for your mail. We expect to have full compatibility when Windows 10 launches at the end of July. We will be updating more information around the first of July, so by the time Windows 10 lands, you should have all of the relevant information.

So Focusrite interface users should be good to go.

I’m still using vista so not up to date on the windows front :slight_smile: , but assuming you’re using 8.1 now, is that version bad enough you want to auto-upgrade’?

Well, not that 8.1 is that bad, but there are some reasons. The biggest reason is that I need to learn W10 in order to be able to support it, because it’s eventually going to be what everyone uses, and the best way to learn it is to use it as my main OS.

In terms of features, I’ve been having to use a 3rd party addon to get a start menu, and apps are completely useless to me because they are mandatory fullscreen. Both of those are being resolved by W10. Also the settings in 8 are split all over the place. There’s the standard Control Panel, and then there’s also PC Settings. It looks like they are taking steps to make that less stupid. The whole thing just looks more “unified” overall. Using Windows 8 very much feels like using 2 OS’s haphazardly stapled together.

All in all I never had much of a problem with 8 once classic shell was installed, but it could be better, and I really shouldn’t have to install a 3rd party addon.

Microsoft released windows 7, 8 and 10 in very short time. My usb dongle does not support windows 8.1 and there is no windows 10 compatible device driver software for my wifi router. That’s why I am still using windows vista.

I can’t tell if you were joking or not, but in case you’re not:

It’s been almost 6 years since Windows 7. Both 7 and 8 got about 3 years each. That’s a pretty normal if not long span of time for a major OS release.

I don’t know about your dongle (what is the dongle for?) but you don’t need a driver for a wireless router, there’s actually no such thing.

All in all I never had much of a problem with 8 once classic shell was installed, but it could be better, and I really shouldn’t have to install a 3rd party addon.

Ditto here. Went straight from XP to 8.1, and classic shell is a must-have.

I specifically ordered Windows 7 because my brother had 8 on his new laptop and i didn’t like it all that much. Guess i’m gonna wait for Windows 9, it will take a while, but i have faith.

Windows 9, just after Windows 10 release - yeah, that’s definitely going to happen.

Have faith my son. :smiley:

It’s a race between Half Life 3 and Windows 9.

I think it’s a good idea to stay away from Windows 10 until it becomes a stable, compatible place just like with any other OS, even though it’s free for a year or something. I made a mistake of switching to 8.1. Windows 7 was magnificent for my needs and 8 is closely related to it, but even after installing Classic Shell that was mentioned here, still those Win 8 elements come back to haunt me.

The most annoying thing (with win 8) is that I use Renoise in full screen and it constantly disappears from start bar, so I have to “refresh” it by getting it off full screen and then full screen it again (or just use alt+tab only as it doesn’t disappear from that list). Few minutes, another disappearance. Also, few more obscure VSTs that worked with 7 didn’t work with 8 for me and people on forums were saying that it is a Win 8 problem.

Since Windows 10 will have more changes, probably more problems than that can emerge. Windows 7 is a great OS and I’ll definitely be coming back to it once my 8 installation dies or slows down too much.

That being said, DX12 with its low level programming possibilities is great news for PC and the new browser definitely looks sexy!

^ I definitely agree that switching right away is a bad idea, and that most people should wait a bit. I’m just balls to the walling it, come what may, fully understanding that it’s probably not a great idea. It’ll be what everything is eventually though, it sounds like they’re switching to the Apple model of OS release and staying on 10 for eternity.

I wish they would bring back quick launch icons from XP. Pinning stuff to the task bar is not the same thing at all, because it expands in place of the icon, so you end up with open programs wedged between pinned non-open items, and it’s just so stupid that I can’t even imagine why they haven’t changed it.

I’m sure I’ll have a whole bucket of complaints about 10, but the sooner I start learning the best ways to resolve those problems the sooner I can help clients with those problems, so I’m switching immediately.

Well, if knowing OS is part of your job then that’s an entirely different story :slight_smile:

Hmm, so I read (haven’t researched it) that the Home version of Windows 10 will forcefully download updates, without it being an option. That rules out that version for me, because I want to control what (and when) I download. That means I’ll need the Professional version, which in turn rules out that free upgrade offer.

This is a real thing, and it’s not great. I already have Pro and most of the computers I’ll be dealing with will have Pro so not a problem for me specifically but it’s going to piss off a lot of people. Definitely something to consider.

So rumor has it Win 10 for the masses has been delayed, or that the original July 29 date just wasn’t for them, or I don’t even know. I haven’t been able to find a clear answer, but there’s a possibility it could be next month until everyone can get Windows 10.

win+q doesn’t even come close for me. First of all, after XP they just completely destroyed quick launch icons. You can pin things to the taskbar, but when you launch them they launch in the place of the pinned item, so you have open items wedged between unopened pinned icons. In addition to looking stupid and being unorganized (I just want everything that’s open to be in one place, and shortcuts in the other), it prevents you from being able to use the shortcut to launch multiple instances of a program. I say all that to say this: I just don’t use this functionality anymore, and instead use the start menu (classic shell) to hold my shortcuts.

Secondly, win+q doesn’t search the control panel. At all. Want to open the Network and Sharing Center? Want to open the Programs and Features menu? Can’t do it from win+q. Now thankfully you can launch a lot of useful stuff like that from win+x, but the point is from the Start Menu you can search everything at once and launch anything all from the same place without having it segregated into win+x and win+q.

Start menu gets you easy, efficient access to pretty much everything, without having to take over your entire screen, and without having to memorize new multiple keyboard shortcuts, without having to learn to use touchscreen gestures with a mouse. I’m all open to change, and if they come up with something better I’m all for it. But it’s pretty hard to beat the start menu design, and I disagree with just replacing it with something measurably inferior.

I agree everyone has a completely different workflow. Some people just put all their crap on the desktop, and it works for them, but that makes my skin crawl.

For me the start menu concept is just the perfect marriage of keyboard and mouse. You can access a lot of stuff very easily with just the mouse, or just the keyboard, or both at the same time.

In addition to looking stupid and being unorganized (I just want everything that’s open to be in one place, and shortcuts in the other), it prevents you from being able to use the shortcut to launch multiple instances of a program.

Maybe i am missing something, but have you tried scroll click.

Huh, didn’t know that one. Neat.

Carbon I feel the same way about Start Menu, especially that I am a keyboard user. Since there is keyboard autofocus on search box, there is no need for having any shortcuts for me, which makes the whole start menu a search box with occasional click on programs up front :slight_smile: One press of a button -> two or three letters -> enter, done!

It’s important though that it works both for mouse and keyboard. Guys behind Renoise understand that well! Even for extremely keyboard-focused power user, there are moments when he uses mouse (even MS-DOS supported it for a reason) and it’s the developer’s job to make it possible and as effortless as possible.