Windows 64Bit: Uad Plugins Stopped Working In B6

UAD plugins like: UAD Pultec, UAD Harrison, UAD Manley Massive Passive, UAD Precision Limiter / Maximizer, UAD dbx160… etc. means all recent UAD plugins don’t work right after added on track.
They just don’t respond on tweaking, and don’t recieve the input signal at all (signal meters not lite)
BUT, after removing the plugin (pressing X - delete) and press UNDO to bring it back on track - it becomes alive. Works as it should.
This dosen’t happen in previous beta. UAD plugins still 32bit, so maybe it’s connected someway. Hoping they release 64bit version soon, as they’ve promised.
*(tested in 64bit environment on Win7)

Read other threads on UAD issues. Until they release 64bit versions using them in a 64bit host is going to provide you with headaches.

By all reports you should get something though, although maybe only one effect at all and maybe trouble changing presets and other operations…

I understand. But in previous betas of 64bit Renoise everything works just fine.

Ahh OK, sorry didn’t realise you meant suddenly in B6 only.

Unfortunately I can only repeat myself here. As long as there is not 64 bit support from UAD, there are only disadvantages using them “bridged” in Renoise, and you will sooner or later run into other problems. So please stick to the 32bit Renoise versions for now.

The other thing is that we don’t have an UAD for testing purposes here, so we can’t really help you out at the moment. UADs are very special plugins which always need a bit of extra work and testing, so we will ask UAD for assistance in future.

It’s also unlikely that this is a new problem in B6, because we don’t really have changed anything in our plugin host implementation. The post linked above basically matches your report and this was a report for one of the previous betas, not B6.