Windows 7 Anyone?

Just curious if any of you are going to be moving to Windows 7 anytime soon…

I’ve been running various versions of Linux on my netbook, and while I dearly love Linux and everything it stands for, the experience of running it on my ASUS 1000HA hasn’t been as good as I would have hoped. So I’m thinking about snapping up a copy of Windows 7 when it comes out.

Anyone using this OS? What about on a netbook? And (near and dear to our hearts), what about tracking in Windows 7 on a netbook? :)

Have a great day everyone!


Pre-ordered my Windows 7, can’t wait to receive it this month :)

I preordered it too. I think I will be going to install it together with XP and Linux, which are currently on my machine, as soon as Renoise will be available as a 64 bit application. There is somewhere a thread regarding Renoise and Windows 7 which seems to run fine together.

Preordered mine too and will finally upgrade from my current XP then. For a netbook i’d probably try out XP first. I suppose it can be optimized far tighter than a Windows 7.

i got the “ultimate” x64 version running since quite a while.
(it is available via MSDN since weeks if you have a student account.)
the installation is still side-by-side with WinXP, but contrary to vista, chances are that i might finally make the switch for good.
the performance is noticeably better than it was with vista x64 and i really really enjoy the fact, that renoise won’t run out of memory after utilizing around 1,5GB on a 4GB machine with WinXP x86.
that remix i posted on the song forums a while ago was constantly running out of mem with XP… so fortunately win7 came to the rescue and allowed me to finish it.
haven’t had any problems with installing and running any of my vst plugins so far, but there are still about 80% missing when compared to what i have installed with XP.
whatever… this OS is finally feeling really good again - guess XP is ready for os-graveyard. :)

I’m running the Enterprise version for some months now, works without problems, especially since Access Music updated there Virus software for Win7 64bit!

I have used Win7 now for quite some time. Will go back to XP after the evaluationcopy times out. Pthui. It has absolutely ZERO advantages over XP, quite the opposite, lots of software doesn’t even work anymore.

yea, XP > win7 > vista, when I look on audio stuff. win7 ain’t too solid yet. remember, 64bit version will also not do good with most VST/i software.

slim ram usuage in general tho, almost XP like so its a good thing on any laptop for sure.

I use it for directX 10, dualbooting into linux for real stuff and thinking bout trippleboot into XP for audio.

the memory management of win7 is much better than that of XP - performance and efficiency wise. better prefetching and better caching improves the overall responsivity of the entire OS. i’m really a long-term supporter of xp, since it’s a pretty solid OS and vista was totally out of question for me, but i can see no reason to not make the win7 switch.
vst compatibility has not been an issue for me so far and i am a true plugin whore. the only plugs that will definately cause some problems are those that require a certain “blueish TSR” sitting in the systray. (…)

besides the better performing kernel i also like the little detail changes that aid the comfort whilst working on a win7 installation. the excluded file extension for the rename-highlight for example… or the better, “spotlight”-alike search to name another one.

sure, all these things have already been present in vista, but we all know that OS had other, more rudimentary shortcomings.

XP however is an ancient OS with a meanwhile rather crippled core… and of course the fact that the 32bit version totally bites ass as it only allows to use 2GB RAM for apps, no matter how much physical RAM you have installed.
the so called “3GB switch” for the boot.ini sure helps a bit, but it will introduce other problems, like a 64MB registry size limit which will ruin your whole installation once it is exceeded. (been there, done that)

now one could argue to install xp x64… but driver support is even worse than it is for other 64bit win OS’s and this situation will do anything but improve in the future.

so the reported incompatibility (which i can’t confirm) aside, what’s the big advantage of using XP that would make up the numerous disadvantages?

Don’t have much time as I need to hurry to work, but here we go:

  • Toolbar is totally crap. Quicklaunch and open programs are mixed together with no apparent logic. Sure you can move them into correct order, but its not permanent. What was wrong with having quicklaunch-icons on left and open program on right side of them?
  • ShowDesktop-icon, what the hell its doing in downright corner. What was wrong in its original place where it was several years
  • Lots of software does not work (several installers, games, plugins…)
  • On my system all MP3 and playlists files are defaulted to playing on mediaplayer, eventough mp3 and 3mu filetypes are set for Winamp. They have winamp icon and I have triplechecked that they indeed should use Winamp. Also, when making a new default with “open with…” and choosing Winamp it opens the file on Winamp once but again on Mediaplayer when double clicking.
  • If you run a program from quicklaunch its icon will disappear and turn into open program-button. If this program crashes and you need to kill the software you are left without that quicklaunch-icon
  • Builtin partitioner has once screwed the harddrives partitiontable
  • Some selforganized icons are moving on desktop by themselves, I have organized icons by their programtype (games, audiosoftware, videosoftware…) and sometimes after boot some icons have moved to leftside of screen for no apparent reason and no apparent logic.
  • I fucking hate the new start-menu :)
  • Driversupport still not there. For example I have the same problems with older Soundblaster-card as reported on the internet forums. Ok, one can argue that its up to Creative to fix their drivers but still, they work on XP :) Lots of devices have been reported as non-working
  • some other minor annoyances

But still the biggest question of them all is, why bother? Sure Win7 can be more efficent and more advanced, but at least I want a system that works properly. For me there are more cons than pros so I will gladly move back to XP after using Win7 for several months.

That’s not true and the disadvantages you mentioned, are mostly cosmetic, and personal irritations. I haven’t worried about one single point you mentioned.

Drivers and software all work perfect for me in Win7, but offcourse you can always stick to good old xp.

True. Thats why I put emphasis on “for me”. Oh btw, filetypes were moved from good old folder options to some mystic place. Can’t check now as I am at work but it took some time to find :)

what? the icons are placed in the toolbar, and you can reorder them any way you like. when you lauch a program, the “launch” icon is replaced by the “running” icon in the same place. the whole behavior is pretty logical and consistent, “dock-like”.

there was never an “original place” for that icon, it was just a shortcut placed in quicklauch.

everything works for me and everyone else I know running Win7, including drivers. On my 1,5 year old laptop, the only driver I had to install was for Nvidia, everything else works perfectly out of the box (compared to 12 or so drivers that were needed in XP)

has noting to do with Win7.

In what way this is better than the old way? At least I like to have quicklaunch icons on left and running programs on right, NOT mixed. And as I said it is possible to drag them to “correct” order but for example next reboot they will start getting mixed again. And there is still that issue I told about program crashing which hasn’t been fixed even in the latest update. But surely you will tell me to stop using crashing software, right? :)

“Show desktop” is on quicklaunch by default, so how can you say it never had “an original place”?

“Works for me ™” just doesnt cut it

Educate me. How I can fix this, whats causing it then if its not a Windows bug?

neither does “Doesn’t work for me, therefore it is crap”, especially when it works for (nearly) everyone else.

Proper setting/unsetting of file associations in Windows Media Player and Winamp.

Where I have said its crap? I think I have expressed myself VERY well that its not there yet, at least for me.

I can only do it with Default programs -> Set your default programs … and they are just fine. If you can point me somewhere else then please, do it.

If Billy Gates would have had this way, you would be talking about this in an MSN chatroom instead of the internet.

Nuff said.

Everything else? LOL!

Just one point, “more efficient” just means “less insanely bloated and idiotic”, and hey, that took only over a decade of being a fucking giant with the ability to buy all the coders they wanted/needed.


And because it’s so weak and funny, people get defensive. Deep inside they know they’re being had… once again. That is all. bows

It’s also funny when people feel superior because of the operating system they use.

Unless these are installers/games/plugins for Windows 7, I don’t see how them not making an operating system be 100% backwards compatible with the previous two generations is a reasonable requirement.

I’ve been using the RC for a few months now without any problems. I haven’t migrated most of my stuff over, but pretty much everything I’ve installed has worked without a problem. I was lucky enough to get the Ultimate release off of MSDN because my school still thinks I’m a student.

OS-Wars, browser wars, whatever…

I do like my XP and my Ubuntu 9.04 which I switched to Ubuntu Studio today (just with Synaptic, easier than expected)

On the other hand XP sucks big time because the HDD is rotating all the time. Okay, I do only have 512 MB RAM installed but as I run Ubuntu with the same PC and even more eyecandy it’s quite hard for me to understand why the same PC performs great at one OS and quite poor on the other one.

I did not manage to get VSTi running the way I want it to be on Ubuntu and until I manage this, I might have to stay at windows. But if VSTI runs the way I want it, there’s absolutely no fucking way to return to windows for me.

So - Windows 7 can bite my shiny metal ass :)

“WINDOWS KEY + D” is your friend since a few Windows versions, no need for an icon at all. ;)

This does indeed sound simply like some wrong associated file type settings. First go into the media player preferences and uncheck any not wanted associations. You may have to press the “ALT” key to actually show the menu. The following screens are from XP, since i was to lazy to boot into Win 7 Beta, but if it doesn’t work i’ll double check.

When you have done that, open WInAMP and go to the preferences menu, set again all the associations you want to assign and make sure the “Restore file associations…” checkbox is marked. I think WinAMP also allows you to install the WinAMP agent during setup, which also keeps your associations.

When you rightclick on an empty area on the desktop, make sure that the automatic icon arranging is turned off in the context menu.

Also hadn’t much problems with my hardware here, except my scanner isn’t working anymore with it’s supplied drivers and there are also no new ones provided by Mustek. My solution was to install Sun Virtual Box and install Ubuntu 9.04 inside it, now i can scan under Linux, running in Windows, which does the job for me for the few scanning tasks i’ll have to do. One only has to make sure, that the “Unknown USB device” is disabled in the device manager, so that Linux can actually access it. Fortunatly Windows remembers that stae when set once, so one doesn’t need to do that everytime one wants to scan. Even my old parrallel port HP S/W laser printer was found and installed by Windows 7 automatically.