Windows 7 x64 support for future releases

I wonder if such support is planed and 'd like to know which versions will be last to support this operating system. Any ideas?

if no support for Windows7 i dont buy or renew my licence. so simply is that!

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Windows 10 license cost about 15 dollars
Windows 10 is the best Windows that microsoft have made (in my advice)

Switch to if you can


Nope next system when Win7 stop working is Linux. Win10 is for all Victims! Read Mickysoft Eula. Every Keystroke are telephone to mickysoft. Win10 is NSA Soft!

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I don’t care
Windows is a tool for me

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Agreed with NPC1, for sure!

What about your smartphone?


A smartphone is also a spy

My is not. I’ve got vintage Nokias for phone calls + debloated Lineageos with custom configured iptables for web.

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i have no smartphone, only old physical keybord handy (only tel & sms, no Internet)

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From my point of view,the only problem of “surveillance” is when you go on “dating” site (like tinder,badoo…)
I don’t want to explain what

It would be cool if someone from original developers replied considering Win 7 support.

Microsoft has ended Windows 7 support on january 14th 2020.

Esu support till 14 jan 2023, pos systems till 14 oct 2024.

ok then let’s hope that future releases will fall before that deadline… :pleading_face:

Windows XP is dead as dead and Windows 7 is also a very outdated OS. So: Renoise runs perfectly in Linux (Native and Wine) and especially, if you are running the Wine-Version of Renoise, many VSTs work out of the box.

The linux native build is even more stable than the windows-version, but some Windows-VSTs are quite hard to install in a container like airwave/carla or linvst.

If you fear to use Win10 out of privacy reasons, I would suggest you dual boot and install Linux for your daily surfing-stuff and Windows 10 without any network-drivers for your Renoise-Stuff. You even can download your stuff in Linux and store this stuff in your Windows-partitions.

There are ways to keep on renoising :wink:

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I can’t see any outdateness (yet), all i see is cheap marketing stories. Win 7 can run even latest Blender.
If we compare Win 7 & Win 10 in terms of stability. Oh my…better not to do this. Win7 have faster renderings, better I/O performance, less bugs, less telemetry. Win 10 is in permanent beta phase.

As for Linux, it’s installed on my second laptop 'puter. Manjaro to be precise, quite nice OS.


I have no problem with windows 10 (since 1 year)
It’s fast,even on my old I5 4570 ,16gb ,180Gb SSD + 1Tb SSD

I just advise to not disable Updates

It has a clean desktop…But I have to admit that the transition from Win7 to Win10 was hard for me…many changes

Manjaro is based on “Arch Linux”,so it’s surely a fast OS