Windows: Extending Renoise on a dual screen with two different screen resolutions

i can’t expand renoise to full both screens to see all the channels anymore with 3.2, i can display it on both screens but it looks like the width has a maximum now? it’s a bit annoying, do you know how i can fix this?



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Can you explain in more detail what happens to you?

What operating system do you use? Windows 10? Windows 7?

Do you have 2 monitors of equal resolution, next to each other? Are those two monitors of different resolution? What resolution does each monitor have?
Have you tried using “extend on both monitors” from Windows?

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When i stretch the daw i reach a limit, i do not get this limit with the 3.1.1
The 2 screens have a different resolution as one is smaller than the other
i use win7


I only used it to record videos of Renoise with all columns visible at once (which ended up breaking the youtube layout), but you’re right, the window is now resctricted to the size of one screen it seems.

+1 for unlimited window sizes. I mean, it can’t hurt anything, can it?


i am working on 60 or more channels projects with a lot of synths layering or philharmonic ensembles so as the arranger takes already a big space, i just can’t spend my time scrolling… i will stay on 3.1.1 until this gets fixed because it s totally killing my workflow :frowning:

EDIT: this problem is fixed in 3.2.1 1.1.1 redux beta
ignore this post…

i have the same Problem with the new 3.2.0 64bit , two equal monitors, it is not possible anymore to free stretch Renoise Mainwindow bigger than the Size from Mainmonitor (1080p).
I have 2 identical TFT’s, 1080p, 144hz, Windows7 64bit.

It is working on 3.1 x86 / 2.8.1 x86 / 2.8.2 64bit, so it seems a Problem from the Renoise 3.2.0 version.

maybe this video shows the problem, if it’s still a Mysterium :slight_smile:

yes, i tried the in options / gui / compatible mode for multimonitor setups, no difference

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