Windows: Korg m1 VST3 GUI broken

I’m attempting to use the korg m1 vst, but the GUI is broken and I am unable to select anything.


This happens on a new project, without changing any settings. For whatever reason, only a thin strip of the GUI is visible. When it is first opened, it appears in full for a moment, then quickly disappears/scales into a tiny strip. I have tried using the m1 vst with and without auto scale on hi dpi screens, although I am using a 1920x1080 monitor.

That’s odd, I use the M1 myself and haven’t had that problem. Are you using the latest versions of Renoise and the M1? Korg updated their older VST’s a while ago, including the M1, so install the latest version if you haven’t already.

Not sure if you’ve got the same problem as me but make sure you install the M1 synth to a unique folder (ie: don’t share it with a Root folder for other Korg plugins).

I had the same issue with Korg (and Image-Line plugins) - if I install them all to root folders, such as “Korg Plugins/” and “Image-Line Plugins/”, eventually some of the GUI’s will stop working.

To fix it, I just deleted everything and then re-installed each plugin to a completely separate folder as follows:

“D:/VSTplugins/Korg Legacy Cell/”
“D:/VSTplugins/Korg M1/”
“D:/VSTplugins/Korg Polysix/”

This is because the developers have used some of the same filenames for different GUI’s - even though it shouldn’t make any difference (the files are not actually overwriting each other), some DAWs still seem to get confused by this.


Renoise + KORG VST 2 = OK.
Renoise + KORG VST 3 = error.
Reaper + KORG VST 3 = OK.
FL Studio + KORG VST 3 = OK.

Windows 10 Home 64bit ver 21H2
Renoise 64bit ver3.4.2
KORG MS-20 VST3 ver2.3.1