Windows: New UVI Workstation VST3 plugin crashes, can't exit Renoise after

UVI Workstation just got an update with a VST3 plugin for the first time, the plugin crashes straight away when you load it (the VST2 still works), with the blame shifting error popup saying “it’s probably the plugin and not Renoise broken contact the dev blabla”, anyways, Renoise should ignore all further errors from the crashed plugin, or that’s what the popup says, however, if you try to exit Renoise, it will hang and the status bar says “Closing the application (stopping the player)”, but nothing happens, you have to manually end the process to close Renoise, or wait until Windows notices that Renoise has stopped and will ask to exit it. You can’t exit it even if you clear the instrument slot with UVI Workstation or replace it with another plugin

Renoise 3.4.1.
Windows 11
32gb ram
GTX 1070
Behringer UMC204HD

Thanks for reporting. The plugin crashes after its audio outputs get disabled. By default Renoise only enables the first audio channel pair, to avoid unnecessary processing and notifies the plugin that the other outputs are not connected.

You can use the attached instrument as a workaround for now, which has all outputs enabled. Please note that if you disable and audio output in Renoise’s “Plugin” pane for this instrument it will crash again.

I’ll also look into a proper fix for this and check back with UVI.

VST3 UVIWorkstation (All Outputs Enabled).xrni (2.8 KB)

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