Windows: Renoise doesn't save the cpu mode for u-he plugins

Renoise 3.2
Win 10 x64

Renoise wouldn’t save the cpu utilization mode for Diva and Repro-5. I have no problem regarding this in Ableton. Eachtime I load a project with the aforementioned plugins in renoise, I should manually change the cpu to Multicore mode .

The bug still exists, it’s super annoying if you have several instances and you have to go click multicore on on each instrument every time you load your project. Especially when the project is so heavy that it will stall renoise without multicore on. With Studio One 5 Artist I have no issues with it not being saved on projects.

I have noticed this with Diva yes. Still an issue as of this morning.

Yup, it’s annoying indeed.

Same issue here with U-He Diva.


This is still a problem, yes, and indeed with at least both Diva and Repro-5 (possibly also other U-he plugins, not sure if others have similar options). According to this post by the developer, the Multicore parameter value is only set if the patch data is loaded 1 second after the plugin has been initialized, so that the setting wouldn’t be overridden when browsing presets. Presumably this means that Renoise doesn’t upload the patch data to the plugin quickly enough after initializing them. Perhaps Renoise instead loads all plugins in bulk first, and then uploads the patches in bulk after, which makes the U-he plugins fail?

I tried this with the same setup in Ableton Live and Renoise, and Ableton manages to load the Multicore setting properly, and Renoise doesn’t (it always defaults to off). The setting is only loaded properly with trivial projects that initialize very quickly. Any real world project that takes several seconds or more to load fails in this regard. This indicates that the problem is indeed related to the behavior described by the developer in that KVR thread.

It’s unfortunate that U-he relies on implementation details like this for correct behavior, but ultimately I think Renoise should also fall in line along with the other host vendors in order to maintain compatibility with these plugins.

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