Decided to take this piano and make something pretty. :walkman:


Awesome, i’m really happy you put my .xrni’s to good use :D :D

I loved it too, a fantastic piece, I love the way it builds to a crescendo in the last third/quarter. I was going to download it, but it says it’s a 77MB wav file, is that correct? Have you considered doing it with a multisampled piano VST? I’d love to hear that.

The piano .xrni he used was rendered directly from Modartt Pianoteq VST and then assembled as a multisampled, multilayer piano instrument. At least, the best i could using only 1 instrument with maximum of 256 samples per instrument.

See original thread here Really nice piano and harpsichord .XRNI's i made

Nice. :)

Thanks guys!

I mean, you can convert it if you want to, I just like making the wavs available haha. ;)

And yes, what delt said.

it’s really peacefull i like this