Would Anybody Like Me To Master Their Track?

Basically I’ve been out of it awhile and am looking to test and improve my ability. EDM (electronic dance music) is my preferred genre, but I’m open to other genres, and I will need to hear the mixdown prior to you sending me the high-resolution wave file, just to check levels and listen whether it’s ready for mastering. Make sure the level is kept well below clipping and bypass any mastering effects you may have. Then just send me an MP3 sample or post here.

I’ve mastered a bit in the past and use plug-ins and near-field monitors, so you can expect a clean, professional sound that translates well. I don’t partake in the loudness war but your master will be loud while maintaining sufficient dynamics and sound more consistent. I don’t have any official samples as of yet but I can send a PM should you want to listen. Anything else you need to know, please ask.

EDIT: I’ve updated my [About Me](http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?/user/36-atlantis/page tab aboutme) page with a more detailed set of steps to follow in having your track mastered. Anything else you wish to know, please email me or post here. :)

i don’t have anything worth mastering (yet?), but i do think its pretty cool you offer that up around here.

Yeah! That’s pretty kind of you. Too bad I think my stuff is not so well mixed…

My stuff aren’t very well mixed either, but if you want to then go ahead. :)

http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=creator:"The+Bellows" or http://soundcloud.com/chipfucker

Due to popular demand I’ve uploaded a before-and-after sample here. The track is by Voci and since the mixdown was almost spot on it pretty shows much the least I can do. :)

Hmm, this will need some serious mixing. Try turning the (listening) volume down and mixing this again as mastering can’t save it.

are you going to make it for free? :)

If yes I have a guy with rock 7 songs to master. recorded two weeks ago :)

Haha, is it that bad? :P
I need to learn myself to mix properly, but it doesn’t really help that i’m mixing on some shitty Creative PC speakers.
I can try to edit a track if there is one you’d like to work with, but i really don’t know to much about mixing though, maybe you can give me some hints and tips?

Yes I’ve been asked this before but truth is I have a lot of free time these days so I want to spend it mastering.

Hmm this is a very unusual mix, I’m not sure how mastering would save it. The mids are far too loud compared to the bass, it sounds like it’s coming out of a telephone! Not sure if that was deliberate? Otherwise I’m happy mastering it provided the master output doesn’t clip or is processed. Upload a WAV (compressed as RAR) and I’ll see what I can do…

Well the first rule of mixing is not to clip your mixdown. Lower the volume and don’t process the master.

I always think the volume of my tracks are so low, so i try to jam it up some with equalizers, compressors and stuff. Probably not the way to go. :P
I’ll try to dig out a better mix of one of my tracks.

Haven’t had a lot of response from this forum so here is a new sample of what my mastering can do: Marcel Woods - Cherry Blossom (Magnetic Vision Remix). The track is by Voci/Magnetic Vision.

Hmmm, your link only leads to https://www.wetransfer.com/
I’m still not shure how i should mix a track so you could master it?
Maybe this one works better: Up-Tempo Dark Chipelectro ?
I could mix it down a bit and give you some more headroom on it, but i don’t want to spend much time doing that if you’re not interested in working with it anyway. ^_^

Hey man, do you still need practice material?
I’ve got an electro/dnb/dubstep track thats driving me insane mixing/mastering wise…

Uploaded in on my soundcloud so you can hear it:


Do you think you can work with this?

edit; what the heck, I got this message:


Sorry, this track is too hot for us!
Oh, damn! We couldn’t create the waveform for your track. We’re checking it right now and will try to fix it asap!


@td6d: no insane (mixing/mastering wise) tracks on soundcloud. clearly. just don’t do it.

Pfff, finally did it:


I guess thats a subtle ‘no’ :lol: