Wikileaks needs help btw… they’re lacking the required resources to stay open for much longer.

Says a lot about the state of journalism in America that a foreign website has to uncover these things.

Actually it says more about the US military. The fact is, Wikileaks resorts to illegal means to get this information. The video they posted was encrypted, which means they broke various laws decrypting it for public viewing… something which they’d be tried heavily for were they US citizens. Furthermore, the sources of these kinds of media often acquire them through hacking initially anyway. If the US news media were to engage in these activities directly, they’d undoubtedly be silenced fairly quickly, and those involved would end up incarcerated.

I think this is an interesting aspect to the situation. Our government is a behemoth, and is really good at beating up other behemoths (corporate, political) head on. But, if you’re not such a clearly defined entity (terrorist, independent whistleblower) they really have a much tougher time keeping you in your place. Of course order will be restored once the urban drone surveillance fleets are operational…or once google is in the bag.

I think I read some article while ago which described the war coverage tonality. Most of the war coverage we see is relatively neutral. The video footage usually shows soldiers shooting at some unspecified targets with emotionless face. Machines shooting out rockets, at some unspecified targets, Sometimes they show walls with bulletholes and cars which are burnt…

In reality the targets people shoot at are usually another people who bleed, lose body parts and die if lucky. Also battlescenes usually contain body parts, blood and guts all over the place. The media has decided not to show this type of footage for a reason or other, which leaves the masses with relatively skewed understanding of war.

That’s also why the video revealed by wikileaks is shocking for most. In reality, it was pretty standard military operation with some casualties. They have tons of video material like that, and if you start watching through it, soon you will start to think, who are the bad guys really? The couple of guys with kalashnikovs or the guys with apache helicopter blasting them and 50 innocent bystanders from 4 km away. The statistics speak for themselves. There are over 100 000 direct casualties reported, most of them are also on video.

That’s why they avoid this material from being shown in media. And it’s also true that you can’t really judge anyone based on these videos, lacking a lots of context. But then again, I think this stuff should be shown, so people would understand what it’s all about. It’s up to the military to provide more context to the footage to make themselves the good guys again, but I am quite sure they fail, cause colour it how you like, war is a bloody mess, and it’s really hard to justify the US part in it if you set the real facts on the table.

I hope those guys can’t kill anybody else after this.

@Suva That’s how they depict the wests fighting force yes. The depiction of the other side is another story however.

And it was kinda interesting, albeit not very surprising, to see that some Tiger Woods story took precedent over this one in the media the day after the release.

Typical indoctrination and mind-control.Add this to workforce insecurity and student debt, all scared of a common enemy you end with nations that don’t do a thing. I myself included have been born into an unreal urban civilization, choked with media and consumer anaesthesia.

america is holding all of us hostage.
biggest bully in the world.


Nothing new under the sun: all’s fair in love and war :(

Agree with the first credo, but the other i would just say that some americans are just a bunch of scumbags.
It always remains the same:casualties are made, also innocent ones and even unnecessary shootings.
They just need to finish their target practicing quota and probably pick out the least suspicious targets they can find for it.
It remains pathetic.
But anyway, sooner or later they get their war that did not got engaged on their own usual first initiative.

I urge everybody to watch “Apocalypse: The second world war”, a six episode wardocument about what happened during the second world war in various parts of the world. That leaked video didn’t move me one bit… I just hope a couple terrorists also died among collateral damage so they didnt die in vain. Episodes can be found at the bay for looking “apocalypse: the second world war”. It really opens eyes what kind of shit happened back then.

Incompetence and savagery is not an excuse for complacency.

Fuck war.


yeah well, even if that wasn’t just a saying but a moral fact, you’d still have to make sure it actually IS love or war, no?

as Bill Hicks said: “a war is when two armies are fighting”

True, it’s clear who the terrorists are currently

True. The men in rugs on their head and women dressed in black.

Doug Stanhope said “as long as people who want to kill other people are killing other people who want to kill other people, war is a good thing” doesnt seem to be the case here tho.