X-Y in Pattern Editor Command Descriptions

hi i don’t understand what is meant by x-y
for example in sample slicer 4xy is it like up and down?

i would be great if someone could give me an example like…

x423= is that x or y

i hope you understand because i don’t :huh:

kind regards

X and Y are mathematical variables.

What that means to you is whenever you see X or Y in the documentation or the tooltips it means “replace with any number”

Don’t use X or Y, replace it with a number.

See also: hexadecimal

killer i think i get it
so it has nothing to do values as in high and low
x and y is just a way off saying to numbers from 0 to f
which offcause then is value.

as in “you could have x number of people”

in other news, I wonder if I can tell this joke right.

There’s a party of functions, and all the functions are there hanging out dancing (to renoise music, natch),
but old n to the X is hanging out in the corner feeling depressed and not dancing,
X squared comes up to him and says:
“come and join in the party, dude, there’s a killer pattern effect coming up soon”
but N to the x just says:
“why? it’s not like I’m going to make any difference.”

yep, and also it separates the different parameters: pitch slide just has one parameter, so you’d write 2xx, but retrigger has two parameters, hence Exy.