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hey everyone,
I’m looking for remixes for this track of mine for an upcoming release

If anyone here wants to take a crack at it, stems are here for the next 2 weeks:

ANY STYLE is welcome, although dance music is preferred. experimental/glitch/ambient takes on it will also be appreciated!

no prizes, per se, but if I like your track I’ll include it on the release!

I’ll post the xrns here as well, if you’d like to work directly from that. Plenty of alien technology to reverse engineer in it, if you like :metal::alien: Just don’t steal/repost anything from the xrns please without asking me first.

All sample based synthesis and renoise native dsp, so there shouldn’t be compatibility issues aside from a utility plugin here or there.

xrns is here: entities mix 1

Hope some of y’all take a shot at it :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing what you come up with! :v:



…another surprise:

Yeah like I said, they’re just utilities and won’t alter the sound at all. They can be safely ignored.
I’m surprised you have cpu issues with this track… I don’t think it peaks my system much at all

Indeed, just like most sample based songs. 25% max according to Renoise in terms of your song.
Usually it’s at around 60-65% when my VST based songs are at its peak. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

WTF, no t-shirt? :wink:

Damn, what a mess and way too many colors! I would have to tidy up everything before I could even start to go to work, and that would take quite some time I guess. :joy:

What’s the deadline? I’m busy at the moment and @stoiximan would also like to get his track remixed if he manages to finish his mix within the upcoming 3-6 months (:wink:), but if there’s more than enough time I’ll maybe accept the task to remix a song that consists of sound effects in a pleasant, new and fresh way. It’s not completely unremixable just like Breakcore, but it’s quite similar.


:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

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I might give it a go as well, if only I find time ! Good track btw :smile:
as @TNT asked, pretty interested about the deadline

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Cool, this sounds like fun! I do have a few projects going at the moment. So I’m not sure if I can fit it in, but I do want to play around with your sound!

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Hey, everybody, thanks for your interest!
Let’s make a tentative deadline of July 15th, and if people need more time, it’s not a big deal.
If the xrns is confusing, I’d definitely recommend downloading the stems and chopping them up for reuse. It’s a big file (almost a gig) but all the audio is there

happy remixing! :v::alien:


Cool stuff! I think there are some general rules for psytrance (and your song), which you should take into account:

  • The kickdrum fundamental should be around 75Hz or up. The faster the song, the higher. Surely not around 45Hz.
  • The usual psy bass has fundamentals below the kick, not above.
  • I think you totally overusing the exciter device in your mastering chain. It is more meant to add subtle changes. At least for my ears, your mix sounds better when it’s completely disabled.
  • When your kick is that prominent / low as in your mix, it will certainly “cover” resonant spikes. Which is not a good thing.
  • Your generative blip and blop sounds are hard to maintain with eqing, since these are so unpredicatable. Maybe a slight fft limiter would do a good job here
  • Question is (also to myself): Do you want to stay resonant or not? In the end, the non-resonant mix might sound more mainstream. I guess mainstream mix is what is wanted in psytrance?

Surely you do know this all yourself, I am just trying to add something useful for you here. And I don’t think I could do this better :sweat_smile:


Well, maybe you can? One way to find out! And as luck would have it, Mr. Zensphere has invited us all to do pretty much whatever to his track. So if you feel strongly about those ‘rules’ you can totally apply them to the track, and shape it to your liking. :wink:

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hey, thanks for your feedback & critiques!

I suppose I’m old school in putting the kick below the bass. this is how I learned back in 09 and have been rolling with it since. I’ll try the obverse and see how it sounds. last time I played out there were some issues with my low end, but I though it was more due to phase issues and amplitude envelopes overlapping. It’s a good thing to experiment with in any case.

yeah, I do love me some crispy masters, lol. You’re probably right about the exciter overuse, but I always feel like it helps push the sound forward in a good way on sub-par systems, but it’s probably a crutch.

Yes, lot’s of unpredictable frequency peaking. I should probably get a soothe 2 or something comparable, but I prefer to use native devices when possible. I go back and forth on this issue. I don’t want things too harsh, but some resonant peaks cut through the mix and tickle the brain in a good way, imo. Just don’t want anything too screamy. Definitely not aiming for a mainstream psytrance sound, but there’s always room for improvement in terms of mix and production quality

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There is only one way to make trance, don’t you know that?


Oh! That must be why it all sounds the same. ~bad joke drumroll~ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Let’s get back on topic.

No, of course it’s not. And surely these rules are only my own, very subjective rules when it comes to Psytrance or Trance, after analyzing which kind of Psytrance songs I like the most (and I don’t like 95% of it).

Oh this seems to be a nice idea. If you are testing Soothe, please let me know about the results. There are also similar plugins, like:

  • TBProAudio DSEQ3
  • Voxengo TEOTE
  • Voxengo Soniformer
  • That Gullfoss thing

I understand your sportive ambition to only use Renoise DSP, but at the same time, you are limiting yourself and making yourself more work. Much more easy already to use a huge eq with FFT analyzer in the background, with more shapes and curves, or even dynamic options. I think even using the free Melda EQ will help a lot.

I tried the free plugin spectral compressor on some track, maybe that is already a solution?
I was unsuccessful in my test though: Upload Files Easily | Fast File Upload and Sharing Up To 10GB (passwrd is blahblah)

I really like the drop3 part.

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:heavy_plus_sign: :one: for NIH Spectral Compressor. Coincidentally I am using on this at the moment :wink:

Hi there, it’s been a while!

Here is my little remix, in a very housey-trance mood, a genre I’m not used to do… ^^
A very early 90’ feeling when making this one!

100% samples-based track, no VST because that was easier for keeping the sound a bit dry. I’ve added just two samples (one ambient pad from a soundbank, and one synth I’ve recorded from my OP-1).


nice! :star_struck:
the mix seems a little imbalanced to me, but I like the track :slight_smile:

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Clarification required: What’s your pseudonym? And why all those dots?

  1. xenoba
  2. xenobaba
  3. sunnken eyes
  4. zensphere
  5. zen sphere records
  6. slujr
  7. time paradox
  8. thelonius mage

There are also thousands of variations of these pseudonyms with and without dots, and the number of dots vary, too. You have to pick ONE name, dude. Right now I would name the remix “Xenoba - Entities (TNT Remix)”.

Btw, I’ve analyzed your song and decoded your way of composing. But I assume you’ve expected this to happen. I bet you’ll need 90% of the composition time to create all those sound effects by creating phrases and by using effect chains in the sampler. These sound effects are used one by one in a specific order, and there are never more than 3 sound effects at the same time in use. The composition of the song is extremely simple and minimalistic, all the “magic” is happening within the sampler. Anyway, now you know that I’ve used your xrns instead of downloading 1GB of stems, even though on first sight the xrns is a mess. But of course it’s way better and I already knew your template and I know that this impression is deceptive. Anyway, it was quite some work to ungroup everything, to minimize all the tracks and to get all those colors right, but once I’ve done that it was an easy flow through your song. That was a pretty fast remix, half the work was already done. I kept most of your original sound effects (with some small changes now and then), deleted everything else and added my stuff. Due to the fact that your whole song consists of sound effects, I didn’t need to add as much background stuff as usual, which was very convenient. Thank you! We could do this more often. :grin:

Just give me the correct pseudonym and I’ll post the remix next weekend or the following week. I didn’t mix yet and I also want to change some details. But I already like it. Your sound effects can be used in several styles, not only in Swamp Psy Whatever Trance. :wink:


xenoba, for this project & dots are fun •••••••

pretty sure I can do whatever I like :wink:

I’d say it’s about 50/50 depending on the song. I’m usually pretty efficient when it comes to sound design, as I have a lot of presets and starting points and methods I know well, but there is always some degree of experimentation involved. I spend almost no time on writing phrases as most are saved as presets. Even though the structure is pretty simple and formulaic, there are still plenty of compositional decisions to make.

yeah dude, I’m game. Might be fun to rework an electro track of yours into something darker…

dope. I’m looking forward to hearing where you take it! :smiley:

Xenoba - Entities [TNT remix] should do the trick


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