•••xenobaba••• super sane ep 👽

hey all!

proud to announce the release of xenobaba’s super sane ep on zen sphere records

6 tracks of high intensity, high bpm, left field dark psychedelic trance with some occasional breakz

all realized in renoise, of course! mixed and mastered in renoise, too :slight_smile:

mostly (90%+) native sample-based sound design with serum, loom 2, metasynth, and fm8 filling in the cracks.

if you like fast, hard, crazy, experimental music, give it a listen :metal:

will be on streaming services in a week or so: super sane ep by xenobaba - DistroKid

alien image courtesy of Josie Kins :pray:


I enjoyed that waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I expected! Good job!

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Thanks, fellas! Actually made a few sales on it yesterday, so that’s cool. Looking forward to releasing more albums of various material this year. I’ve got a decent backlog at this point :v:

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