•••xenobaba••• super sane ep 👽

hey all!

proud to announce the release of xenobaba’s super sane ep on zen sphere records

6 tracks of high intensity, high bpm, left field dark psychedelic trance with some occasional breakz

all realized in renoise, of course! mixed and mastered in renoise, too :slight_smile:

mostly (90%+) native sample-based sound design with serum, loom 2, metasynth, and fm8 filling in the cracks.

if you like fast, hard, crazy, experimental music, give it a listen :metal:

will be on streaming services in a week or so: super sane ep by xenobaba - DistroKid

alien image courtesy of Josie Kins :pray:


I enjoyed that waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I expected! Good job!

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Thanks, fellas! Actually made a few sales on it yesterday, so that’s cool. Looking forward to releasing more albums of various material this year. I’ve got a decent backlog at this point :v:

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Somehow I missed this earlier. Stumbled up on it when looking for what “xenobaba” means, in context of your remix thread. Anyways, this is blowing me away and I’m on my 4th repeat listen of the ep. Brilliant stuff!!!

Bring it on!

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Ha! Awesome, glad you enjoy! :beers:

I need to lol, it’s just too easy to spend music time on new composition. I really should release a bunch of stuff, just gotta devote the time to it

alien daddy/father/guru :alien:

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