Xrns Listvst 1.3 Released

(Syflom) #21

ok, please don’t bother

(Beatslaughter) #22

Good news, have it working here already, wasn’t complicated at all. :)

(Beatslaughter) #23

Version 1.1 was released.

  • Added: parsing of instruments (only *.xrni)
  • Added: drag and drop support
  • Added: warning, when no plugin folders were configured
  • Added: detection of standard vst folder

(tnt97) #24

Nice update!

(Cie) #25

Really very nice tool!! :)

Maybe you could add some more general song info (time, pattern used etc.)
So it could be used to show up the basic infos name/date/time when you want to burn a cd ;)

(Beatslaughter) #26

The only thing i could add easily would be the dates. For the time one would need to scan the whole song for tempo changes and adjust the time calculations accordingly, also not sure if the song groove settings would affect the time. As for the used patterns one would need to scan the part and also check for double used patterns. If all of this would be implemented, it would probably slow down the song loading time which is just not worth it in my opinion. It would also work only for *.xrns and not *.rns, since the format is not open and quite quirky to support. I don’t want to nag Taktik with all that old stuff. :)

One feature i’ll add in the next update is support for dragging folders, not only files like now. I’ve simply forgot it. :huh:

Anyone else want to have the file dates in the program?

(tha_man) #27

Great update! A few more ideas… ;)

  • search, so you could easily find a song/instrument in the list, without having to export it and load into editor

  • a view similiar to the song/instruments, just it would be based on plugins. Here you could easily see in which song/instrument and how often the specific plugin is used.

(Beatslaughter) #28

I have these already on my todo list, though these are currently not high priority. Working on another project meanwhile. ;)

(tha_man) #29

Great, no need to rush it :) Thanks again!

(Tronam) #30

You are one groovy dude, sir Codeslaughter. ;)

(sagosen) #31

Farkin sweet software! :D

This is really useful, as my song folder is a total mess, thanks a bunch!

(Beatslaughter) #32

Here is a small update for XRNS-ListVST. Let me know if there are any problems with it.

Version 1.2 (07/20/2008)

  • Added: drag and drop support for folders
  • Added: ladspa plugin recognition
  • Fixed: memory leak, when opening of multiple files failed
  • Fixed: program was accepting any xml file as song


PS: Could a board admin remove or update the version number in the thread title for me?

(Beatslaughter) #33

Just noticed the VST plugin recognition is broken. The XML changed from PluginName to PluginDisplayName. Wonder no one noticed this.

(Beatslaughter) #34

Scanning of VST plugins should work as usual now.

Version 1.21 (07/20/2008)

  • Fixed: broken vst plugin recognition

(Rasta) #35

Is it possible to implement displaying version numbers of DLLs?

It can be useful when collaborating with somebody on a song or transferring songs to another computer, because different versions of the same plug-in can sound differently, even if the filename isn’t changed.

(Beatslaughter) #36

I can look into this, but you’d be surprised how few plugins actually implement a version info resource. The version number of the actual installed VST would be displayed next to the VST name?

(Rasta) #37

Yep, I think it’s logical.

(Beatslaughter) #38

Version 1.3 (08/06/2008)

  • Added: now displays version number of a vst plugin, if available (delete the xrns-listvst.cfg file and rescan your vst folder)
  • Fixed: various minor bugfixes


(junoir) #39

Very nice program. First got around to try it out now.

When I scanned my song-folder (667 files, including backups) the information-box at the bottom halted showing the currently scanned file after reaching file number 180 in the generated list. That kind of worried me, since I didn’t know what the program was up to - if something had crashed or what. Anyone else noticed this? Maybe something you can look into? I don’t know exactly what triggered it.

Something which also popped into my mind was to be able to see which tracks are affected by the missing plugins. Perhaps the “Show missing plugins”-tab could be divided into two fields, where the right field will show the affected tracks when you select one (or more?) of the missing plugins in the left field? Just an idea.

Well done Beatslaughter, this is really handy. :)

Edit: Ahh… it seems to be a GUI fault. I think I switched to another Window or minimized it and opened it again. I now noticed that the information-box re-appears on the top/left corner of the screen, until it’s finished searching and analyzing. Could be connected with how the gui’s supposed to work upon refresh.

(Beatslaughter) #40

I’ve noticed this too here with huge amonts of songs and this is currently “normal”, if one can say so. The application is single threaded and when the processing power get’s too high, windows isn’t updating the GUI anymore, but as long as the task manager shows activity all should be fine. When i started to program the application i have written it without multiple threads in mind and i have no idea how safe it would be to add this now. Also see below…

Here is basically another design flaw in the current code. Internally all the plugin informations are stored in binary trees, which are quite impractical now for backwards information receiving. The missing plugins are one extra tree. Generally it would be better to just rewrite the whole application multithreaded and database driven. Then one could simply write a bit of SQL to add all sorts of views and i suppose even the scanning of songs would go much faster if multiple cores were utilized.

Thing is i don’t feel like rewriting it for now, but it’s on my maybe to do list for the future. :)

Glad you find it useful anyway.