Xrns Listvst 1.3 Released

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We need thread title editing in this forum. hint hint :)

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Beatslaughter: just want to say THANKS for this tool. It has saved me from lots of hours with boring work (managing my plugin tree, etc)

awesome :)

(Beatslaughter) #43

Since today the sourcecode of XRNS-ListVST is available under the public domain license. Maybe it’s useful for someone. The version number of the program was upped to 1.31, but if you have 1.3 already, there is no need to update. The only changes done were some copyright notices.

Get sourcecode

(Johann) #44

Yay! But what would I need to compile it? (On my system .ppj files are linked to adobe premiere, that can’t be right :P)

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Thanks!! Hooray!

(The Hooligan) #47

This is useful. I have lots of VST’s I have probably not used, nor will use… so I can clean them a bit. Thanks for the tool.

(Beatslaughter) #48

Sorry didn’t noticed the replies here. Don’t rely on that tool anymore to scan your VST collection for unused plugins. While it still displays all found plugins correct, the check if it is unsued isn’t working reliable anymore since Renoise 2.0. Since this version it was possible to rename and sort the plugins to your own preferences and this informations are stored in a SQLite database.

Missing is basically a call to that database, which checks the renamed VST against it’s real filename, so it spits out wrong infos in such cases. If you never touched the sorting or renaming functions it should work though.

(thematrixhasyou) #49

Any chance of having this great tool for x64 plugins too?)

(Beatslaughter) #50

This tool is outdated and won’t be updated anymore. Should remove it from the page actually, since it isn’t reliable at all since a few Renoise versions.

(thematrixhasyou) #51

Too bad, it was very useful in past days to check things out and compare…

(Dr. Drips) #52

Ah! that’s why this stuff is so hard to find. How about the merge tool? does that work for 2.8 with the groups and so on?

(Beatslaughter) #53

I have only coded the windows frontend for the scripting tools, not any scripts for it. I would think the merge script will need an update for 2.8.