Xrns Netradio - Looking For Submissions!


Introducing: XRNS Radio, dedicated to music made with renoise, hosted via xrns.org

If you like your music to be included in the play list then please post links to mp3/zips/etc in this topic or contact me with a private message.

Thank you in advance, it’s appreciated a lot!


Awesome initiative! :)

Have you checked out the Renoise soundcloud group? You can listen and dl tracks there:

h t t p ://soundcloud.com/groups/renoise

^ good call, cheers. btw, i added your track ‘Bedrijf’ that ok ?

of course! :)

DJ Suva is jamming on the radio right now. Usual rotation will return after the show. :D

thnx ) very interesting

Added a bunch of new songs. Thanks to those who already submitted :]

Here my endles track http://www.sendspace.com/file/pdi1xi

Awesome idea! Here’s a link to my most recent EP released last month, composed entirely with renoise 2.6. http://proc-records.net/upload_music/[proc424]Origami_Repetika_-_Say_Hey_Horses.zip

thank you sir robo

Your welcome! Thank you for the support!

thanks for playing my music there :) more stuff is @ soundcloud

bookmarked! ^_^
i’d really like to submit some stuff to, but i suck at mixing. :smashed:
especially in comparison to the quality of the tracks being played. :blush:

live now! suva with the remixta show…!!


Great idea. Here’s my latest (renoise) album :)


A couple individual tracks:

Quiet Mornings:

City Nights:

Music Before 7am:

XRNS radio SO needs some Dep!

Here’s a couple of tracks from me:



They are both downloadable from Soundcloud.

EDIT: And thanks for the initiative!

Here our live collab with Korsun.



this radio need a player on the front page of renoise.com