Yamaha Dx7 Patch Editor Tool

I was wondering if anyone would like to take on the task of creating a tool for editing Yamaha DX7 patches via sysex/MIDI. It could be as simple as a set of 6 DX style ADSR (EG) controls (4 parameters per operator, perhaps have an additional parameter to control the overall volume of the operator w/in the algorithm (eg a parameter that scales the entire envelope)-- next level would be graphical control of the envelope but for starters sliders would suffice…), controls for coarse and fine frequency adjustment of the operators, a slider that lets one select between the 32 algorithms, and perhaps a couple of controls for accessing the LFO and a control for feedback. I think this would be a really great asset to Renoise as it would allow one to change parameters in realtime via sysex and MIDI opening up new possibilities for sound design using the DX7 through Renoise (the thought of which is making my brain swirl with new radical sounds.) I reckon it would be a relatively simple too to create. Here is a list of DX7 parameters accessible via MIDI and sysex. I am not the best w/ coding/scripting etc otherwise I would try to tackle such a task.




This is a job for Cornbeast’s Tool, Guru, which is a great piece of work. I used it to create an editor for my Korg DW8000, it was easy to make and the result was amazing.

see: Guru

Thanks! I discovered Guru shortly after posting this. I’ll share when I get a working synth definition file going. So sick!