YFM262 and YF2612 vsts

Looking for some FM retro for your mix? I stumbled across these 2 little gems the other day: https://github.com/jpcima/ADLplug

I use a ubuntu-based setup so I downloaded the .deb files for each and installed them without any problems. The interfaces are super clean and controls quick and responsive. They both come with gm-oriented preset banks and some “collections” but if you scroll down to the “Useful links” on the page, there are links to “Bank Editor Software”. I downloaded both and found additional presets in the zip files (some duplication).

The Bank Editor software looks interesting but I haven’t compiled either version for linux yet. There are executable versions for Win and Mac though. Looks like they will convert a large number of chip formats. :slight_smile:

The vsts need jack to run and if you use qjackctl: https://qjackctl.sourceforge.io/ you can start up jack and then either vst will run standalone or in a rack. I fired up Renoise 3.2.1 which starts jack on my system automatically and both vsts scanned in and worked perfectly.

The sound quality is excellent and the cpu hits are minimal. It would be easy to run several in a single song instance.

Anyway, you may find them useful. Cheers.