Yoshimi vst, another gem

Yoshimi: http://yoshimi.sourceforge.net/ is a fork off the zynaddsubfx code tree.

If you could have only one vst this might be the one. Yes, like it’s parent zynaddsubfx it’s a beast. However, for sheer sonic capabilities the two are hard to beat and well worth the learning curve. The feature listing on the Yoshimi homepage reveals more about it’s incredible array of features.

As a diehard linux user (ubuntu-based) I appreciate that the current version of Yoshimi can be installed using a package manager. There are tons of presets available (installable using the package manager as well). The developers also provide native install packages for practically every mainstream linux distro out there, .deb, .yum, .rpm, etc.

I found Yoshimi to have excellent sound quality, responsive controls and not too hard on the cpu. Complex presets can push up the cycles but nothing terrible. Like the YFM262 and YF2612 vsts I posted about earlier Yoshimi runs standalone and flawlessly in Renoise. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll check it out and may find it useful. Cheers.

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why not zyn-fusion?
yoshimi is still the old GUI no? which is a mess to work with imo…

I think zyn-fusion is fine too. https://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.io/zyn-fusion.html Not that I’d balk at paying for it, ($45US is still a steal) and I think the gui update is beautiful, but I used the old zynaddsubfx so I’m a bit biased. I think if someone were starting out new with zyn, the new version could be easier to learn.

As an aside, the older zynaddsubfx with the complex gui is available via a package manager. :slight_smile:


Hehe, yeah. Tho its in the kxstudio repositories :wink:
And not so hard to build… But i hear ya there.

Just was wondering, never really heard about someone using yoshimi instead before myself… I guess thats why.

I think it’s parent is better known. I ran across Yoshimi a while back, but most of my music is/was sample based. I’m starting to lean more towards real-time synthesis these days and Yoshimi came back to me when I stumbled across those YF vsts.


Ah, seems like you are going trough the same process as me :slight_smile:
Going from sampling more towards synthesis… eventho, i also try to combine the 2 more.

But Zyn/yoshimi indeed are beasts.
Also i dont think i know synth with something like the Pad synth

Same here. My usual practice was to generate a series of samples from a vst then use those in my tune. It works a treat and I like all the controls Renoise has for mangling samples. (Not to mention the lower cpu hits) Now, I’m working more towards real time but still using samples from my drum library. I haven’t found any vst, outside of a ROM sampler, that gives me the sound I expect from percussion.


Already tought about using yoshimi for synthesizing drums :wink:

Specially snares… which are actually hardest to synthesize you can do very well with it imo.

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oh yeah, also geonkick… but you have to run carla for this, since its an lv2

I’m pretty much a minimalist these days. I “roll my own” installs based on ubuntu-server with the lxqt minimal desktop. I remove all the non-essential stuff, axe pulseaudio, install jackd2, alsa and qjackctl. Grab a lowlatency kernal and that’s it. I tried some of what kxstudio offers but it was overkill for my style of workflow. Renoise, a few u-he vsts, Yoshimi and those YF series vsts are pretty much it for me now. Everyone has their style so whatever works for them is cool. :slight_smile: