A Few Things I Found Annoying

I really like most of the new features, I really do, but there was a few things that was changed that is kinda restricting my workflow. I’m not a pro user or anything but it felt like I’d share my thoughts just the same :D

So here goes;

I find the new soloing and muting systems somewhat confusing and unpractical. Before I was somehow able (I didn’t even think of it - it was all in my fingers) to remove all solos or mutes at any channel in the mixer. Now I have to either click each solo track one by one or do it on the master channel. This seems slow and unpractical. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not having a field trip with this one.

Also,I think it’s less than ideal that you now have ALT click on the pattern arranger to set focus to it. Multiple times I’ve accidentally copied or deleted an effect from the mixer when I intended to move patterns around. There should be an option for this.

Other than that, I think 2.7 is ace. Of course the beat-slicing system can evolve even further, but I’m not gonna complain. On long samples this is going to prove most useful.

But yeah a few minor things. I can learn to live with it, but please take my post into consideration :)

Personally, I think both these changes are improvements. I see your point regarding soloing and muting, but to me the fact that muted tracks are remembered when soloing/un-soloing a track outweighs this disadvantage. A quick way to un-solo all tracks would be useful, though.

Regarding your second point, see this topic.

I don’t know… to me the mute remembering sounds like something that would make more sense in a DAW designing for multi track recording. What bugs me is that the setting the software describes as “the pre 2.7 behavior” doesn’t really seem to in fact be the old behavior. Options are great, but I don’t see the point in downright changing things like this. Old habits die hard. One thing is to add functionality, another is to change it.

There is a script (from vV?) enabling you to do this, assigning a keyboard shortcut for it, I think.


you have to manually update the api version number from 1.0 to 2.0 in the manifest of the script before it will be present in the keybindings.

Okay I found out about the “lock keyboard focus” setting, and disabling that does exactly what I want it to do, and fits how I track. I will check out the tool. Wow people respond fast in here.

As Jonas says there is a Tool but I agree there should be a simple way to do it natively. A Solo button (or similar) in the Master Track maybe? Although maybe not as you may want to Solo the Master is using more than one stereo pair of outputs (having multiple outputs sent up through Sends etc…)

The old solo behaviour can be found in the Scopes interface. Use the right+click and left+click buttons to toggle the tracks.

The new mixer solo is hardware compatible; so when you plugin a hardware mixer to Renoise it’s not some antiquity from the FT2 days. The new kids on the block will recognize it as the same solo mode as in Ableton, and other industry standard DAWs.

Oh yeah I see what you mean with the scopes. Dandy :D Haha but since when did Renoise strive to be like the big guys ;). JK

New Kids on the Block… why the hell did I think that…?