A Very Simple "live Performance" Mode

It’s quite a time I’m thinking about this. Maybe somebody already posted, in this case sorry in advance…

I was wondering… the arranger in the left plays pattern in sequence, so if -say- pattern “x” is currently playing the next pattern to be played (if not in loop mode of course) is pattern “x+1”, right?
Why not “generalize” this mode of operation in the sense that user can freely choose the next pattern to be played? For example: pattern 1 is playing in loop mode. Then I select pattern 9 to be played. When pattern 1 finishes, pattern 9 is triggered. Of course some control over this is needed. for example I choose the next pattern while the current is playing and nothing changes. Then I press a button and so the pattern change (when the previous finishes). (a bit like ableton live scenes). (this also remind me some drummachines, like the roland 505 if I don’t go wrong…)

And this was the first idea… then… add this to another simple thing: tracks muto/solo are not per song but per pattern. I mean: stored with every single pattern is also the state of the muto/solo controls for each track.

And, the last ingredient is something I’ve readed on this forum, I don’t remember who proposed this: muto/solo are in sync with the pattern: if I press muto the track is muted when the pattern finishes…

Whit this “simple” 3 things I would say “bye bye” to my dear Ableton Live forever don’t you think?!! :lol:

I’ve wanted this for some time. I made a suggestion about making a Song Follow toggle for the Pattern Sequencer, much like the Pattern Follow in in the Pattern Editor (but got hijacked by some ASIO talk). This would solve a lot, especially if you could execute the same actions with mouse or midi as well:

And for the mutes; I’d like to be able to assign them to other keys or midi (inc automation to solve your request ;)).

…and yes! Quantize options for mutes would rock! From 1 full pattern to row, or even tick level (Same goes for everything else. I want quantization for the rhythmically handicapped!!! :drummer: )

have also been wanting something like this… :)

Quite a few of us have outlined this at some length, and we’re all desperate to see it. You’re right about the drum machine similarity, and there’s also a similarity to the behaviour of many older trackers, such as AHX on the Amiga. I’m under the impression that there’s a big pattern-manager thing on the way for version 2.0, but it feels a long way off when this particular behaviour could be done with just a small toggle option in the mean time! D:

If this one, single thing was implemented - the option of allowing a pattern to play to the end before continuing on the next, pre-selected pattern - Renoise would at a single stroke become THE most effective and important piece of live performance software available.

yeah +3.5 would be cool for live sequencing, Steinbergs Sequel also has something like this with the live pads…