(Again) Pattern Launch Options

I would like to ask a feature for future release:
Extra options for launching patterns!
Actually I just can TRIGGER (immediately) them
or SCHEDULE them
I would like a QUANTIZATION option for the launch of patterns (1/4, 1/8 and so on…)
Also a RETRIGGER option would be appreciated.
For an idea of what I’m looking for, view the Clip Launch Options of Ableton LIVE…
Thank you very much!!!



Stop screaming with the caplock plz, thanks… :P

Thankyou for the answer and sorry for the screams!
I tried Cells, it’s a nice tool, but I think it only works with wave loops, so it’s not what I’m looking for. I would like to keep the tracker philosophy and just add to it the flexibility of changing patterns on the fly…
So please developers, try to add this feature to Renoise!
P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I’m italian!

I wanna say another thing that maybe can help to understand what I’m talking about:
read chapter 14.4 “Triggering Patterns” of the Renoise Manual.
Then read chapter 12 “Launching Clips” of Ableton Live Manual.
After doing this the first post of the thread can be understood.
Thank you very much,

Nobody’s interested eh? :unsure:

There are enough wanting this but the majority of ideas has already been spit out on this forum and your idea is great, but you are not really adding much more to the table here.
One of the suggestions containing a lot of options including clip playing is pinned (meaning that there are useful ideas in it that might come in handy for the devs later):

To sum it in a nutshell:
Though Renoise gets bigger and each new plan requires more thorough testing to see if it is compatible with what already exists (so that songs from older versions still load and play okay).
These compatibility setbacks cause postponing of features until a clever way of integration can be thought out.

Maybe this tool is something for you:
Rableton Dive

It’s a very nice tool, but it still lacks quantization for launching different patterns. Waiting the end of a 64 lines pattern is not my goal…Thank you anyway!

That may be adjustable (because the lua source is directly available for manipulation), but ofcourse always dangerous for a tool that is not run in a real-time priority thread.

It’s on the todo-list for Duplex: GridPie… ;)/>

Ah! Ok, I will wait!!!
Anyway I wonder a native quantization system for pattern launching :walkman:

I’m thinking that it would be possible for a tool to achieve this by (temporarily) resizing the current pattern, and then restore it’s length once playback has exited.
But I’m not saying that it isn’t a potentially dangerous way to pull it off :wink:

Oh, and such a tool would still need API access to the list of scheduled patterns, something we don’t have ATM

As you can append to or replace the current scheduled patterns this must surely just be an oversight… Remember to check it’s added at the next beta (Alpha for you innit ;) )

Heh. Yeah, it’s a +1 from me


Is there any possibility to have the pattern launch options similar to ableton live clip launch ones (retrig, quantization…) in the future releases of Renoise?

^ that’s a really interesting idea, follow actions type stuff would also incredible to have in renoise.

I don’t know what do you mean for “follow action”, for what I mean, that’s already implemented in Renoise, when you choose to change pattern immediately instead of schedule it…

Follow Actions is/was a clip launch feature in ableton, you could set up actions and probabilities for those actions to happen, all for clip launch behaviour. So if you have 10 clips in a track you can set follow actions to play random clips or set them to play any other clip or the next or previous clip, do any of those after a set number of beats/bars and allow the clips to start playing from the previous clip’s playback position (or from the start).

Oh, yes, I was talking about legato mode…