Any Flat Earth supporters or believers here?

Recently there is a lot of YouTube and alternative media on the flat earth conspiracy or expose. NASA is fake and evidence by this guy Eric Dubay looks quite convincing. Further it seems that a lot of people are in on it. Also Antarctic might not be the end of the world and if the earth is flat then if there are other lands out there beyond the Antarctic the world could end as we know it…etc etc…

nope nope nope

Together with that, what would Nasa even get out of hiding such a thing…

The arguments I have seen so far are so stupid that they would suggest it’s some kind of satire/avantgardistic movement.

If that’s not the case, I’m more interested in the psychology behind it. Of course, there is the basic mechanism that some people strive to portray themselves as having “special knowledge that most people don’t know about”. This is quite a common mechanism for trying to elevate yourself above the rest - at this time perhaps most obvious when it comes to 9/11 conspiracist. Not only would you portray yourself as this kind of person, but you will then also associate yourself with something “big” by talking about these things. It’s a very crude way of trying to gain social status, by painting a mustache on Mona Lisa, figuratively speaking.

I still think it’s all a bit weird, since most rational people would dismiss these ideas as idiotic - or at the very least - unfounded. I guess they somehow got completely caught up in some kind of hive mind where this truly brings a sense of status. Very much like the dynamics of religion.

Flat earth theory is boring.

If I wanted to believe something, I’d take the Iroquis’ fantastic vision of our world being on the back of a turtle drifting through space. Because, that’s inspiring and beautiful.

Ya well I figured I should ask anyways, not that I am sold on it already, but with the moonlanding videos and NASA wire straps vids on inspection do kinda look legit.This piqued my interest since last week actually after YouTube started sending recommendations. Given that the media and the bank’s are most definitely a cartel and owned by a specific set of people who are primarily motivated by profit and control, I don’t put this as far fetched as it might seem. News and other stuff is and can be manufactured to the point where telling which is which can be excruciatingly difficult. A thing about the corporate logos did kinda freak me out when I saw that our Indian Space agency ISRO also has a vector V sign as a logo and so does every other space agency and since the roots do kinda adhere to the occult, while conclusive proof is the last answers these continuous questions and current discussions do beg some investigating if not outright belief in it.

With what Goldman Sachs did to Greece and how the current EU political climate is tumultuous I don’t think it’s all by accident that these things happen. A lot of startups are not getting any bank funding becos the monopolistic market issue overpowering and stifling and not exactly as what is marketed, shitloads of power politics and all that…

So in light of what these so called major entities are doing or have done so far, it certainly pulls me towards understanding more of what this means…

Also a recent debate online on what Scientism is makes one very objective becos it seems to good effect how science is used to delineate people from the Bible or biblical truth and make people question everything that is already setup for you by intelligent design, this kind of universal distrust can hurt us back becos it’s like trying to explain the significance of a symphony by doing its Fourier transform analysis of its recording. I like the argument of how science peculiarly makes humans look as if it came out of monkeys and the earth is just one of the billions planets and nothing special and small or insignificant and stuff like that…made to undermine the human value and existence. With the current attraction of AI in future and so on humanity seems to be under some kind of threat…flat earth or not, somehow I get the feeling this is all tied together as one of the many inner circle knowledge conflicts that is undertaken by the so called ruling elite to keep the mass uninformed which untilmately gives one a good deal of power over the masses.

It’s very common knowledge how a lot of science papers are tampered and the data fit with to the model rather the model fit the data and how a large amount of papers are sponsored by the very corporate entities who want to silence competing papers who might reveal conflicting information. Also how educational institutions and higher University sponsor papers with a particular affiliation for defence and warfare related topics. How doctors are never given nutritional training but taught to perpetuate disease care not not make living healthy and food a way of life and not selling pills for profit. How cancer patients die everyday but the pharma entities want money before they provide ‘social service’ etc.

All this begs one to question everything around us, the system, the educational bent of things, the media.

The documentary by vpro I think on the Norway toxic salmon farm scandals provide one such expose about the researcher whose papers were snubbed and she was fired for proving that the Norway salmon market was toxic for humans. Another paper where fat was wrongly blamed for heart disease when it was sugar all along the way tampered on the number of countries and only a selected pool was included and not the complete picture, this lid was blown some years back. How tobacco corporations lied blatantly that tobacco does not cause any health condition. Anything for money goes it seems… these are facts, regardless of whether Earth is flat or round. Also a lot of old world manuscripts talk about a flat model or geo centric one. Point is that if science can fake so much data and theories change or update every other decade then how can we remain objective when data tampering and obfuscation seems to be the order of the day. Also information is currency in today’s world, so it makes sense to withhold information that might give someone else an edge.

But overall psychology of these phenomenons as they used to be is indeed not really that interesting. My vague idea of this whole topic is, once the knowers of the truth were an exclusive circle among themselves, that lived by the assumption, that the random thoughts that a human brain will produce tell them the truth (it might priduce random information, you know, or it is telepathic mind control by that alien master race, and humans cannot think at all…,). Jolly good fellows, it’s always been much fun to discuss with them, which they once preferred over open threats of force to support their points of view - maybe because they actually believed in that stuff. I envy people able to believe in such ideas, it must make them feel very high and important.

But in modern times, certain people who wish to have mentally dependent servants, enough of them for supporting world domination, seem to have gained the inspiration that such theories are both a) a good filter for finding stupid people who wish to believe you if you tell them they are better than others, and B) seperating those stupid people from information sources that could break the dependance. I admit the flat earth theory is kind of an extreme theory of that kind, normally it is rather about stuff like chemtrails, that will corrupt faith in the enemies of such certain people, or other more profane theories that aid in letting the believers support some political agenda, … Hey wait, yep that’s right, they’re already doing it, with success, and might soon declare war on anyone being agains anything that isn’t to their own purpose. Yes, we are lost, no chance to win, intelligent people will try to discuss against it and will be killed by the stupid with something more effective, that is force. My remedy is, that once they are successful, they might all kill themselves after a long time of agony in which they had to learn that they destroyed everything of value that once was on this planet, and I bet they will take their servants with them. If they haven’t already been replaced by machines at that point. So that’s why better not to laugh too loud over the whole topic.

A glass of half-fat milk anyone? I guess Milk must be very magnetic, I just spilled some, and unlike I had expected by seing pictures in the TV from that submarine where you can see a weird blue white and stained fluorescent bubble through the windows sometimes, it didn’t make blobs that hover around but just some icky puddle on the floor that I will have to mop away now. I now decided to turn on my lava lamp, it will make some bubbles for me. Can’t drink them though, the bottle is printed with a notice that I shouldn’t. And they aren’t white. Maybe it bubbles because the wax inside gets less magnetic once it gets warm enough?

“Time Cube”

Very impressive demonstration of the human mind’s pattern recognition abilities gone haywire and even beyond :))))

“Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, has spent 10 years building an operating system to talk to God.”

Is this topic for real .?

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This forum now has a potential flat earth believer and a douche kumbaaya christian .

The earth is as flat as a pancake , the mountains are whipped cream , and antarctica is a huge poster ductaped to the sides .

I just read an article that stated that 1% of the french population could actually believe the earth is flat .

1% !!! …I find this verry verry scary

In the end, humanity will destroy itself , all because of these fuckin morons ,

We are now in an age where the interwebz ( and false information ) have become a major threat , .especially for those who haven’t had a propre education …let alone they have a critical mind

Get real

Take you back pack …start walking …in a straight line …cross any river , any mountain you encounter ,

If you can’t get over it , go around it …

Eventually , you will end up at your starting point .

How come none of these actual flat earth wankers have done that .?

B-cause they are lazy fat bastards doing nothing but looking for the latsest conspiracy video on you tube .

Do you realise that some of these so called ’ enlighted channels ’ are run by people who take advantage of your stupidity , it generates income .

Flat earth …fuckin lol

@gentleclockdivider yeah, the problematic bad joke is…topic actually is for real, and it has just begun to take shapes. Societies have now drifted into isolitary individualism and splintered into unconnected weak factions to a degree strong enough to allow many individuals drifting into social free fall and then into such folly. Which starts to attract lots of people who wish to use that potential.

Question is no longer, how to show those people what it is about, and how they are wrong. You will not succeed with it, they are already being conditioned to fight back. Besides, in the internet it is of no use to argue with trolls to influence or deface them, maybe it is still of a little use to try to demonstrate bystanders what they are experiencing, instead of letting the games corrupt them even more than they already are. Real question might become, how to cope with it, and try to survive it somehow. I’m a coward, so I decided to carlessly talk about certain topics, even when I’m uncertain they are real or not. If they are, I will be known and hopefully be killed early in the game when it starts, and don’t have to suffer things that happen after.

I’m from germany, and we know what happens when certain morons take power. Some will always see behind their plans, many people wanted to kill a certain dictator and his inner circles, though most people either blindly followed or could be bought (the industry). Well, lots of us used to know, but then again, it seems to be far enough into history and too many individuals weakened to a degree, to make me fear things will happen again. The conspiracy shit is just a sidenote to blind the weak, real problem are actual followers of chauvinistic and nationalistic ideas. In germany we have many people, who more or less openly show they are fans of the 3rd reich. They used to be odds in society, but are getting more and more influence again. And that in germany, where showing certain symbols etc. is officially banned. In many other countries the corresponding forces are also getting stronger and stronger. Seems like they seek some kind of showdown game, as if humans have become too noumerous again and have to play the lemming game once again. Only this time much much worse as technology has vastly advanced.

You need not walk around the globe to prove something. You need to walk into the ghettos, and into the realms of the stiffs, to understand what is going on. Awareness has to be raised that certain people are left behing, else all democracies will be corrupted by forces blinding them.

Probably not many flat earthers here. The BS superstition of choice among musicians is 432hz.

even if it is not true, it is a good story

Giordano Bruno - the heroic frenzies - 1585


But in modern times, certain people who wish to have mentally dependent servants, enough of them for supporting world domination, seem to have gained the inspiration that such theories are both a) a good filter for finding stupid people who wish to believe you if you tell them they are better than others, and B) seperating those stupid people from information sources that could break the dependance.

Ouch, jetzt reden wirKlartext :)There’s truth to that…

And yes, rational thinking is totally my modus operandi. I’m just not prepared to belittle someone so quickly, just because they think differently (which, for the record @OopsIFly, I don’t think you did)

In my ideal world people should be able to see multiple truths, because we think not only with our brain but also our heart and stomach.

For example: among the people inventing the radio, one guy spent many nights listening to electric wires because_just maybe_you could communicate with / eavesdrop on the “other side”.

Today, we might laugh and think that’s bullshit, but back then, just a 100 years ago, no one really had the experience to tell.

In a way, that’s where the flat-earth stands for me: I really believe that, today, we _do_have that experience. OK, maybe not a 5-year child, or some person who has grown up in a hut in Nu Guinea, but I digress.

So I choose the mainstream consensual reality. Have no qualms about that :slight_smile:

I farted

I farted

Stomach or brain? :wacko:

yes right it is good to live with certain assumptions. the interesting point of topics like the one of this thread is however, that they can show you to question things now and then in between the assumptions. but only if you are not ignorant and try to understand for a little moment what one could feel in that situation.

I must appologise for my extrapolations into the extremes a little though, I just find, that sometimes the extremes can show an idea or a certain vague direction in better ways than trying to have them subtle and then having to point with a magnifier at them. I should stop that anyhow, and maybe try writing poems instead.

Round the world in 80 days comes to mind immediately :slight_smile: The word round gets passed around so well that it’s synonymous with Santa Claus and his reindeer , did anyone see the Earth is round or to be even more specific an oblate sphere? No one really knows what is in the centre of the earth or the bottom of the sea let alone space beyond conjecture. So regarding Antarctica, has anyone crossed it completely, or if not why is so heavily militarized? So many millionaires out there, so why would not someone want to be the first person to cross the Antarctic from end to end, btw this point was raised in one of the documentaries…

Science is limited by both human understanding and current limitations of our technology. We can’t write an algorithm that can separate reverb from a wet sound and yet we humans can do that without even trying,our own minds are a mystery to us. Science just like religion has always been very punitve of contradictory ideas by nature and goes witch hunting on any excuse. I like the idea that science is there for us to appreciate the world given to us not necessarily take it apart block by block. Even Richard Dawkins a die hard skeptic accepts the fact that an intelligent design is the final conclusion that is directed to in his efforts to make sense of this world. It’s like this:music already exists as a system of air vibrations or solid vibrations via a medium that is transferred to our ears and which the human brain processes as music. However no amount of understanding an already designed system will give us the leverage of being it’s original creator. That blueprint even by reverse engineering how music works at surface level is not ours to make or judge. We already know from empirical evidence and modern technology since Edison that air vibrations can be captured and music can be reproduced using a combination of materials and reproduced via electronic mechanisms again already provided by the very same world where music exists. We neither designed the framework nor we know who or what created it or how it all works together. That blueprint or original designer is still a mystery. A music phrase in all its creativity can be broken down analytically to its constituent interval sequences and scale patterns but everyone knows analysis is easy, coming up with the original ideas is not. Hence analysis by definition takes a back seat to original design. So it’s begs to think, if humans cannot create their own sun or moon or earth or design an electromagnetic wave system or create organisms that breath air and use Renoise from scratch, how does his limited piecemeal approach to science take precedence over this humongous and grand design around us? It’s almost height of human hubris in general to think that analysis alone can explain everything. If so then by definition analysing Mona Lisa will make that analyst at par with Leonardo Da Vinci just becos he can successfully deconstruct the painting at its material level of colors and paint material and canvas composition methods. So suppose an intelligent designer designed our world and made us to live in it rather than try to understand the design process but rather learn to appreciate its beauty and grandeur maybe it’s best for humans to realize their folly in the name of this human pursuit called science and go back to behaving like they were originally made rather than some Honda robot prototype with over ambitious goals, becos so far that is how good humans have gone with their robotics and similar antics. What we call progress on the side of technology has been abused by making businesses out of every idea so far and destroying the planetary resource in more than one ways.

I disagree that debating against science makes anyone feel important becos than one could say that science itself is a presumptuous human endeavour of a species addicted to curiosity well aware that their Tower Of Babel will come crashing every single time. Our science so far cannot give me a reverb separation plugin, eradication of poverty by devising sound economic theories that benefit mankind rather than corporation elites, or provide freedom to common man rather than engage them in 24/7 economic slavery, so while I can certainly enjoy the work of Steve Wozniak with his original idea conveyed to the MacBook, that in itself is just a tool and not the holy grail of human issues or achivement. We stopped being humans and become like machines something we are modelling ourselves to be rather how we were modelled to be like by our original creator. And then science comes along the way and instead of enjoying the creativity of the universal symphony we go about analysing the DSP Fourier transforms and try to explain the beauty in terms of our limited mathematics of whatever we can muster with our symbolic pattern analysis diatribes we call differential calculus. And yes we must be proud of our achievements so far becos we come from monkeys after all, great choice of a scapegoat becos it walks like us and has a similar appearance so let’s just go with that instance since the monkey is totally ignoramus of human antics, not that it is surprised by humans monkeying around. I suppose we humans think that we can understand the system around us which none of us as humans ever created ourselves yet claim we have some sort of leverage in assigning values to what we deem should be important. Fallacy at its core.

At this point objectivity is a very abused term, trying to appoint analysis as the new god and providing second hand explanations to everyday phenomena without having the power to create anything from scratch. You only use what is provided to you. Earth is like a spaceship. You cannot barbecue inside if you are out of pork sausage. If resources deplete like it’s going on today it will be the ultimate dead space finale we are all waiting for, except it won’t be entertaining.

Debating about flat earth is like debating whether God exists. Sure we can prove that God exists in more than one ways and how he ‘supossedly’ works in mysterious ways but proving God exists and being a God are two polar opposites. Earth could be flat for all we know, infact everything we know do far comes from calculation and conjecture. Earth is spinning at 16000 miles per second and gravity somehow exists which could also be the case if Earth is accelerating becos gravity and acceleration are synonymous so scientists just layer one abstraction on the next like how we multi sample velocity layers and make patches out of our recordings. This is not an exact science if you ask me, groping in the dark is not an exact science beyond eventually you hit something even it is you bed post and then you bang your head in it for a good jolt to your system. If groping is the new science it should be renamed to ‘groping arts for the curios brain’. And the corruption of science to Scientism which elevates an overambitous and flawed human endeavour to God status telling everyone what to believe just becos you can analysis something in a piecemeal fragmented manner. Great job we humans are doing btw…just incase it did not hit you yet, human by definition is not a God so stop trying to be one. QED.

Btw that privilege escalation attack that science is doing reminds me of what we do in our penetration tests with network systems with privilege escalation attacks like what Meterpreter does in Metaspolit framework which some of you might know if you are into computer security. You use the session tokens from the current running sub system user account principal via hijacking the lsass.exe security subsystem and takes its security tokens to authenticate your code to run in highest privilege level of SYSTEM, this just one of many such methods and then you inject your code into the target process space from there and run your own malicious code masqueradeing as SYSTEM code in Windows. It seems we play God everyday and hacking a system does not make us one btw…even if we like to pretend and write pwned after every hack. So just imagine if this is how the so called ‘theory conmen’ are doing with our perception of things. Marketing does it every single time. Google does it with its user analytics perfecting its predictive analysis mechanism and human profiling. So if they start playing God from tomorrow you will at least know how it’s all done. It’s easy to impress a n00b with process injection on a remote computer and suddenly he sees you are r00t and thinks you are God!lol.

That is why asking such questions is important, becos it aids in your understanding and overall critical thinking without looking like a n00b when the shit actually hits the fan.