Any1 Using Native Instruments Kontakt In Renoise?

im thinking on getting myself a copy of native instruments kontakt,so i can use that in ableton live intro and renoise,was wondering if any1 else is using it in renoise??

if so how is it?


chek my latest EP.
Kore 2 player and Kontakt PLayer!
i want you to say try the Kontakt player is is free, and if you didnt like it you wont throw any money out of the window.!.
I never get any problems with NI softwares! Can’t live without Kontakt - Kore - Absynt 3 and ofcoz im a legal user!
Hope its help.

I’m trying to learn Kontakt since a week or two, got me the OTTO library, as for now I think it’s just fabulous… and so are Absynth & Massive. I only have doubts about Battery, but that’s personal, I never got the grips of any drum sampler after all

i also got the OTTO library,my reason for getting kontakt is to be able to manipulate the OTTO library in more detail,something you cant really do in the included kontakt player

so im thinking im gonna buy it

btw how do you set up multi out in kontakt in renoise??

is kore 2 worth having? i notice you can get komplete 6 + kore 2 for a discounted price from N.I at the moment, i’m quite tempted, although it is still a lot of money (but then a huge range of software i guess).

The previews for these programs look very nice. Especially Kontakt seems to be an awesome addition for music production. Too bad they’re expensive as hell. I mean really expensive. There will be no way I will ever get my hands on this program. Too bad music production has its limitations.

it`s not very expensive if you buy komplete 6

to answer the topic question, I use Kontakt since version 1.2 with Renoise.

it is a painful process, since you must save the song, close Renoise and reload it each time you add a new channel.


  • load song
  • open Kontakt GUI
  • click on “Add Channel”
  • click on “Conf.” at the bottom of the newly created channel
  • assign the outputs to the channel
  • each time you receive a warning by Kontakt which urges you to save everything, save the song, close Renoise, reopen it and loop until all the channels have been added

at this point, I suggest you to click on the red “Make default” button in Kontakt GUI in order to avoid repeating this boring process.

now that the channels have been added, you have to set the routing in Renoise:

open the properties of Kontakt Renoise instrument and click on “Setup routing”, then use the dialog to set up the routing:

note: this is not an issue in Renoise: it is due to a limitation in VST protocol

Kore 2 player only 1 out,
But free and you will need to pay only the soundpacks what u want to use!
i have lots of Kore2 instances in renoise.
Komplete 6 is worth that money! Kore 2 full version is more powerfull than the Player. tons of parameters and customize

HALP, i bought scarbee jay-bass (which requires kontakt 4) the other day and i can’t get it to work with renoise. >:

tried installing both the free version and a cracked version of kontakt 4 and sometimes it wont even start in stand alone mode! anyone know something i’m missing here when using windows 7? renoise says that it can’t initialize it.

goes off to look for advice

any1 know if its possible to install the kontakt library on a external harddrive??

i use kontakt 2 on both my desktop and laptop,so it would be sweet if it was possible

Scarbee libraries are pretty standard Kontakt3-based instruments. I have used the Pre-Bass library on Windows XP with no problems at all, so the problem may be in Windows 7 authorization system

in theory this should be possible because you can set the library path in Kontakt options, but I never tried it. What’s sure is that it would be much slower

hey, thanks for your input! i got it to work now but i don’t reallly know what made it work.

turning the uac down to zero didn’t work at first… but then i uninstalled and installed a cracked version in the default locations and that did the trick. tried this setup before and it didn’t work so the uac change was probably what made it tick, yay \ :D/ finally!

now, i gotta try that with ewql as well cuz that won’t work on win 7 for some reason.

ah, by the way: are you using Renoise version 2.5.1? this version has been almost silently released in order to fix issues related to UAC so, if you are still using version 2.5.0, this may be the cause. sorry for not pointing this out the first time but I’m no 7 user

thanks for all the replys guys

got it working

i did download the latest version and installed it at some point but i don’t know if that was what made it work.

I highly recommend Maschine. Not just my favorite drum sampler but one of my favorite music tools ever and makes for an excellent midi controller in general. There’s a very useful Renoise template for Maschine shared here and in the Maschine forums.

I only use the kontakt player for the New York concert Grand I bought from them. I have to say, I love all the instruments for NI but its a shame they’re so expensive. They’re worth it, but expensive :)