Asynchronous Play/edit Cursor


Although it is totally unfair to compare IT with Renoise, IT still have a major feature which can (should :)) be adopted by Renoise.
This feature is that during play, you can edit other patterns beside the playing one.

In Renoise, we have to stick to the same pattern as the one that is currently being played. Renoise does already support async’play/edit within the same pattern. My wish is to have Renoise also capable of editing elsewhere in the song. I think that many RN producers like to continue editing the song while listening to the song.

– Knetter

…Nice to have (if soundcard is capable) are assignable outputs for:
A. the sound that hits the playcursor
B. any other sound (like notes that are played on insertion, inprovisations, sample pre-hear, etc.)

Imagine that you can insert notes during playback, prehearing them on headphones AND not hearing them in the master playback!

mabe some sort of “don’t follow pattern while playing” button? next to the follow button.

…could be usefull.
not sure if it would increase my workflow a lot, but I can imagine that it will for a lot of people.


I was just looking for this feature, too!

It even makes more sense when playing a loop of patterns in sequence over and over again and looking for the right tweaks in some of the patterns.

I was just thinking about the how the GUI should display a different play/edit cursor in the DSP slots:

When you have a slider:


The tail (’=’ or orange part in the default scheme) should represent the actual - currently playing - value of the FX.
The block (’[]’) will represent the value at the place of editing.

When grabbing the effect with left mouse, the value is changed at the playing cursor (so only the tail will change). When grabbing the block with the right mouse button, the value is recorded at the edit cursor and the block will change position.

So only when using the scroll lock function, both tail and block are moving in sync.

Knetter: that’s a good point I’ve never thought about.

Maybe for a fast implementation you just shouldn’t see how the current playing value is, you’d just see the value how it is at the position of the edit cursor.

I guess I understand now, how the asynchronos play/edit cursor introduces many new problems and can’t be included in renoise easily.

Yes indeed, I’m still wrestling with the thoughts how to handle VSTi with these two cursors.
Since they are not aware of the two cursors, they only can display/being triggered on the play cursor.