Auto-selection at cursor position

There’s a very strong precedent made by word processing apps, in which the cursor is always the place where edits are applied.

So when follow mode is off, is there a way to make the item at the cursor position be automatically selected until clicks are made elsewhere? I tend to scroll to the point where I want to make a change, then click the transpose +1 button for example, only to be reminded the hard way that the selection is somewhere else in the track, sometimes somewhere off-screen. I can ctrl-z to undo, but what exactly changed? How can I be sure I’ve properly undone what was mistakenly done?

Do I just need to beat into my head that the line is the play line only, and edits just don’t happen there unless I specifically select it first?

Play-wise or copy/paste wise?
Play-wise you can hit the enter key to play the current line, this also moves the bar to that position and it will be your offset if you continue with space.
Copy/paste wise, if you don’t have anything specifically selected, whatever is under the cursor will always be selected by default. As soon as you start marking areas, the marking areas will always be leading.
Then there is the one-time click vs double click behavior option you can set in the preferences.

I use the mouse wheel to scroll. I’m talking about making a change to a single note event. I have the impression you didn’t read my entire post.

I have a personal script with a few shortcuts I use. The one in bold is the one that may help. Just press it to select the current note before applying any advanced edit operations:


Relevant Shortcut:

-Select Note at Edit Position

Other shortcuts if interested:

-Cycle Forward through Global View Presets
-Cycle Backwards through Global View Presets
-Go To Next Pattern, First Line
-Go To Prev Pattern, Last Line

Interesting! I should try my hand at some scripting. Thanks.

No probs, funnily enough I just wrote a post on first steps to get the scripting terminal activated in renoise. If youre interested its here:


+10000 for default selection being note under the cursor.

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is there already any way to achieve this “selection follows cursor”? it´d be great!

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Is there a tool for this? I also would find it much easier if the selection would automatically follow the curser.