Autoseek sample

Hi guys

Amazing new version! Thank you very very much! It was really really really great surprise! I accidentally discovered it, as usual :D

I just wanted to ask / request - if possible to make Autoseek samples set by default to ON as I always wanted to hear sample I loaded from where ever I play pattern or song. It is a bit boring to load 20 samples and each one click on Autoseek on each time. Or you can add this feature set in prefs?

Other than that - I was hoping that there will be some kind of wave display [like in horizontal scrolling music programs], but 3.0 is outstanding start for something great to come :D

All best in New Year Taktik & guys!!! :))))

You can select all the samples with shift-click or ctrl/cmd-a (middleclick to get keyboard focus on the samples frame first!) and then just click “autoseek” once.
Autoseek is not enabled by default because having autoseek turned on by default on all samples is very cpu intensive,this has been explained before.

Conner wrote a code-snippet in Lua that does enable autoseek for every available sample in your current song, but the current code needs adjustments for it to work in Renoise 3.0 (API 4)