Renoise 2.0 Public Beta Testing Starts

awesome! thanks for this kick ass beta. thanks for listening to us :)

huge, thank you Renoise, you make making music feel great.

This is quite possibly the most amazing piece of software I’ve ever had the privilege to use during the past 26 years behind a computer (counting that right I hope, got my first in '82?)… I just plugged in my AKAI49, popped in my fav headset in the mixer, loaded my favourite piano-plugin and started jamming – in 5 minutes I’ve been so creative I’ve done a complete song from start to finish. I cannot express how amazing this version works.

You guys truly KICK ASS!

Yes, finally the adjust volume function in the sample editor has a “memory” and stays at the amount that was used last!

Sweet!!! I have not been around here for a while. Just noticed this is out!

Some amazing new features!…mp;#entry135274

bpm automation please on renoise 2.0!…&st=0&#

man, you leave the forum for a bit and when you come back the devs give you 2.0 beta!?!

LOL awesome! thx!

You’ve missed 2 beta versions already.

When I render a song in 2.0 on my macbook it wont go further dan 98% or 99%, its rendered good but It just doesnt finish.

are you using Beta3 already?

this should have been fixed in beta3, see here

and please, if you have to report a bug, use the 2.0 beta bug reports section

I installed 2.0 and did not associate .xrns files when installing. I never loaded any of my 1.9 version songs in 2.0 let alone saved them in 2.0 either.

Now when I open 1.9 and try to load a song that was written in 1.9, I get the error message that says “song has been save with a newer version of Renoise” etc.

What happened?

blind guess: maybe you have saved the template song in 2.0 and you share the same template song in 1.91?

I do not use template songs. I did write a song in 2.0, but all the samples that were used came from a unique folder that was never used for any song that was written in 1.9.

You somehow saved the song in a more recent version, else this can not happen. Maybe you used Renoise 1.9.1 before and now try to load the songs in Renoise 1.9.0?

Nevermind, I am an idiot.

You are correct, I was attempting to load in 1.9.0 rather than 1.9.1.

I’m -very- pleased with the redesign of the pattern editor…
The insert unique and clone and add icons are a G O D S E N D!!!

I’m anxious to dig more with the new features, very happy to hear about some of the latency issues! It indeed handles beautifully here, thus far!


What, still no ReWire?

i LOVE renoise 2,i cant waith for the RC to be released.i LOOOOVE it

have a nice weekend,and make some loud music :yeah:

Hi Guys,

Anyone else noticed that XRNS songs created with Renoise 2.0 are not compatible with Xrns-php , at least the merger module seems to fail to work with renoise 2.0 songs…

Any ideas ? Anyone… Help… I’m stuck here…

Feedback would be highly appreciated !