Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(E.J.) #561

Finally took the plunge! Very happy to be on board!

(LOLFAIL) #562

just got my own licence
i choose 3.0 instead of new midi controller WOOOOOO

(mystical&magical) #563

just ordered the licence few minutes ago. Finally :slight_smile: Waiting for the confirmations etc - easy going.

(rezinar) #564

Tried the demo and had to buy a licence. Brings me back to the days of Octamed which I was also crap at.

(Squelch) #565

I bought it about a week ago. After a couple of days of playing around with the demo i just knew i had to buy it.

(Tiamat) #566

Old Coconizer user. After years of trying (and hating) every tracker I could find on the PC I finally stumbled on Renoise. I didn’t even bother with the demo after looking at the tutorial vids :D

(patchecho) #567

Renoise is the business. No better DAW out there XD. Not for the weak of heart though :)

(DickDastardly) #568

I’ve only had the demo for a day or two, went to purchase, saw the VAT and had to decline. Maybe next week.

PS Opened Renoise, remembered I wanted to copy some Goldbaby Drum samples into the Renoise/Samples folder, I minimised Renoised, copied the folder, maxi’ed Renoise again, and the Goldbaby folder was showing in my directory, no rescan. Sweet!

(null1024) #569

After 6 years or so of using the demo [jeez, has it been that long?! hell, my last posts on this board were from when 2.0 was in beta], I finally bought a license.

Man, Renoise 3 is so good! Took me a second to get used to the UI, but it only took a half-hour or so of fiddling to get my bearings.
And all the new stuff is really impressive! Real bang for your buck.

(nautilus) #570

I can understand why every second post is an euphoric worship for renoise.
Purchased it last month and used it when i got the time. Its pure fun for me!
Will enter this forum more deeply soon. ;) Thank you renoise team!

(sumprunk) #571

Bought it yesterday! Totally random, never used a tracker before, but I just got this sudden must-have urge after looking at some tutorials and reading about it a bit. Looking forward to learning this!

(brady) #572

Bought it a few weeks ago. Love it. I have an Octatrack and see a lot of similarities, in fact it is making me come up with new workflow ideas on the Octa. Dig it more than Ableton, it is like someone took the covers off the DAW and now I can see its inner bits - and wreak havoc.

(Woodpecking Mantis) #573

My first music teacher in late 94’ was using a (unknown to me) tracker on his monochromatic orange screen plugged in his hardware sampler… He was so fast and straight forward.

That’s a tool (the trackers) that doesn’t gets old, but on the contrary gets improved by adding concepts borrowed from more recents music creation tools.

I’ve watched the interesting dev. of renoise since 2.0 and with the 3.0’s features and improvments, I couldn’t wait first, to get the 3.0 version now, second, to support the dev. team and third to take part in the lively community. The price is also pretty convincing.

Also, the accurate events engine… No pdc problems like we may found in Ableton Live. I like it.
I’ve followed the Bitwig launch (I know the comparison between thoses softwares can’t stand ) waiting to see which software I would get. Finaly for music creation, Renoise won the match.

(img%) #574

i’m agree to me the first sequencer i use because in the past i didn’t use sequencer i made some loop with a wave player in synthedit and since i use renoise i can make two different things a the same time lol;)

(inwmz) #575

Finally took the plunge. I’ve been trying the demo since version 1.x (can’t really remember) and with 3 around the corner decided it was time to get the real deal.

Loving it so far :)

(Busk) #576

After having used the demo very briefly (as in, perhaps 10-20 hours total) a couple of times the past couple of years, I decided to buy Renoise back in January because of growing interest in electronic music production. This was after having demoed several of the “big ones”; tried Ableton Live, Logic, Reaper, Cubase etc… Never been on the forum until now, hence my late registration on here (today).

(willl) #577

I’ve just bought v3 after writing an entire track on the demo over the space of 3 days (after months of writers block on Ableton). Its the first tracker I’ve used in anger since my Octamed days in the mid 90s and I’ve got to say, what an amazing program. The phrase sequencer is next level too, good work Renoise! Also it seems to be perfect for preparing loops for my Octatrack, bonus :slight_smile:

(Jan Koekepan) #578

Bump. I bought Renoise and it makes me smile.

It also means that all the suck in my music is my fault.

(Hybrid Children) #579

I bought it awhile back and it’s my main DAW. I bought this when it was 2.5 in 2010? and have been using it since.

(AxiomShell) #580

Bought 2.1 in 2009 out of curiosity (and tracker nostalgia) and rarely used. I used FL Studio (still Fruity Loops then?) and then moved to Ableton Live.

Renoise is my main DAW now.