Calling functions like "Process DSP"?

I just bought renoise last week and I’m tailoring it toward my liking. I am trying to make a lil tool that would let me press a shortcut and then it would process the sample DSP to the sample, and then automatically delete the fx chain devices afterwards - a small tweak to the process dsp function. scripting the removal of the devices is no problem, it’s just figuring out how i’m going to go about calling that Process DSP function. ive been lurking through the API but haven’t so far found anything. at this point I’m wondering if I can just assign Process DSP a keybind then tell Lua to press those keys. but i was wondering if there was a cleaner way. thx

Unfortunately not, you can’t access the process dsp button from the API. To achieve what you want I think you would need to call the render functions and bounce the sample to disk and then load into the instrument and do the tidy up stuff you describe… I think this would be possible from the API, if you need examples there is some usage of the render functions in this tool:

An alternative and more difficult approach could be to code your own dsp functions like in this tool:

Thenks for the info. also, totally unrelated, but bless you for your CDP interface. been big on CDP the past year and a half, and while ive come to appreciate Sound Loom, your interface is by far the most straightforward and user friendly. :slight_smile: was such a pleasant surprise when I bought renoise and found out your thing existed. cheers!

Thanks, nice to hear you get good use out of CDP :slight_smile: (I must get onto finishing v2!)