Capturing Midi Output From Renoise

Hi all

I have seen this hinted at on recent posts, but I’m not sure how to do it. I want to export my Renoise patterns as MIDI files to use in another sequencer to trigger sounds.

I know Renoise doesn’t have a MIDI export option. Is there a way of “capturing” the MIDI output of Renoise, an how would I do this?



You could use a few methods which have been described somewhere earlier on this board.

One method is to use the EnergyXT as a VST plugin and in there record your note-data.
Another method is to send your MIDI Data to another host using MIDI Yoke as your internal MIDI cable.
And then there is the option to install Xrns-SF and use the MIDI export script that has been written to convert Renoise songs to MIDI.

XRenoisetools has an Xrns2Midi converter as well: