Color Themes For Renoise

Lovely theme, thank you!

where are all the links gone ? cheers

The color changes depending on the type of FX. So D is pink but S and R are blue etc. That’s one thing I couldn’t emulate from milkytracker, which has the same color per column.

And as per the Folders, if you drag down the horizontal bar Below “songs | instr | samples | other” it will show up.

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Made a Impulse Tracker (Schism Tracker) based theme
Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.16.03 PM


Does anyone know which theme @mitch_murder uses in this video: It looks like hlv_autumn_cm, but there are some differences.

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Spent some time making a matched pair of low-contrast (but high visibility) themes for daytime and darkness:

The Cleanroom

The Cleanroom
The Cleanroom (dltfm).xrnc (5.0 KB)

Synthwave Vampire

Synthwave Vampire (dltfm)
Synthwave Vampire (dltfm).xrnc (5.0 KB)



These are beautiful!

they look so good! Thanks for those!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

And this one, shamelessly impersonating the Renoise forum.

Forum Fanboy

Forum Fanboy
Forum Fanboy (dltfm).xrnc (5.0 KB)


Nice, they look so good! :stuck_out_tongue:

This theme is called Polaris and it is based on the Molokini theme.polaris
polaris.xrnc (4.9 KB)

It would be really cool if Renoise allowed the matrix block data to be lighter or white tho.


reposting my ace gameboy colour theme

I dig the purple and black. Very easy on eyes for me too. Nice and sharp

Heres the Gameboy theme

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I made a theme based on Hyper Light Drifter.

Gray with blue accents for information that matters. Pink where I thought I could fit a secondary accent color. This was the same for MIDI/Automation. Tool tip window is black with green letters like the health bar/packs from the game. The track colors are all based on the drifter, guardian, alternate drifter, and NG+ cape colors from the Wiki. I color-picked them to keep it accurate. I left the alternate main back and some markers white because I couldn’t tell when I was changing them what I was affecting. If anyone lets me know or I find them later, I’ll update my theme.

RenoiseTheme(HLDD) Hyper Light Drifter (Dark).xrnc (4.8 KB) Hyper Light Drifter (Light).xrnc (4.8 KB)


you have this button:
but you can also paste pictures from your clipboard!

A new PICO-8 Theme, “Dusty Chocolate”, just for fun, nothing fancy.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.40.43 PM Pico-8 Dusty Chocolate.xrnc (5.0 KB)


:vampire:Dracula Theme


:boom: Direct XRNC Download from GitHub: Dracula for ReNoise :arrow_down:


Redux Theme


:boom: Direct XRNC Download from GitHub: Dracula for Redux :arrow_down:

:ghost: Spooky Details


:spider_web: Dracula Theme for other apps:

:drummer: UPDATE 2020-10-25T05:00:00Z // ReNoise theme is up officially on the Dracula theme site:


@Bluethereal that blue theme looks gorgeous! Came here looking for something like that.