Color Themes For Renoise

This looks awesome!!! I feel like I’m inside a 2000’s geocities Hello Kitty fansite - and it feels great!!!

Edit: I’m changing the Renoise icon to a Sanrio one and nobody can stop me.

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Well, @untilde @spdk @Garf @lilith

I’ve also made a variation that is a little less ‘cotton candy’ and more ‘marzipan’. Simply a bit of background color changing, as I enjoy the purple highlights!

Kawaii PICO-8 Cream & Purple.xrnc (5.1 KB)


And I do enjoy the idea of the Sanrio icon change, hahaha :smiley:

I don’t know why,
but it somehow brings back memories of the amiga game Zool
which unfortunately I never got to play because once it loaded,
I don’t know why my teeth started hurting every time :slight_smile:

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Ooh, kawaii desu ne!!

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Colors seem to affect my musical composition “mood”. I’m not sensitive to colors, but more along the lines of “use cute colors to make cute sounds, not depressing sounds”.

Yeah, I’ll often switch themes on a whim to suit my mood, or the mood of the piece :slight_smile:


Awesome! Your themes are so calming.

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Thank you!

Yeah, I had to make it :rofl:


And here’s the transparent .png if you want it:


That cheered me up :smiley:

Pink and purple are way too underrated. This is a good use of the underdog colors :stuck_out_tongue:


Inspired by Norton Commander:

RiddimCommander97.xrnc (5.0 KB)
RiddimCommander97v2_BlackCursor.xrnc (5.0 KB)
v2 - black cursor bar, instead of yellow


Nice work mate! Have i your permission to upload it to Theming Discord?

happy Tracking :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Cheers! Yes, you have the permission. Share the work :wink: Could I have the Discord link?

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Naturellement! :slight_smile:

Renoise Theming Discord

@Mods Would be nice if you can permanent pin this link for other users ask for this.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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Slightly modified background brightness of the Colorful (NPC1) preset.

Colorful (NPC1) 2.xrnc (5.0 KB)


Most boring black on white theme, which still is my favorite, slightly tuned for more contrast:

Untitled.xrnc (5.0 KB)


My KHS Phase Plant skin for Redux

Medievil-Music Phase Plant Skin.xrnc (5.0 KB)


I’m getting this one. That granular update for PP is :fire: btw

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