What Would You Like To See In A Renoise 3.0?

I´m not sure, but i think this is kinda possible if you use dropbox. I remember a friend of mine and someone he collaborated with used dropbox to send renoise files, and he said it updated on the fly. But I´m not sure, so my post might be really useless :P

I think I confused pretty much everything :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

There is a calculator which does similar. You do need to highlight a single cycle of the sample first and then it will tell you the settings as if it was a single cycle waveform.

better zoomable matrix with timeline for better songoverview / detacheable windows / warp and stretching solutions for samples / automation for everything (sampleenvelopes, dsp on/off,…) a “show audiowave in track” (overlay the waveform in the track) / sidechain

I’d like to see the song section brought back. :)

resizable screen areas

command line / batch export

do not wrap pattern in edit mode

Those would be IMO my top three hopes for version 3.

Maybe some improvements for handling external gear but there are tools popping up that handle that quite nicely.

[edit]: +1 for MIDI vsti and MIDI routing

here’s an interesting poll/conversation regarding that pattern wrap suggestion.


and its so easy to make (in my opinion)

  1. More than 1200 cents in instrument pitch envelope
  2. Various envelope curve types
  3. Native Convolution DSP
  4. Simplified LFO connection
  5. Pianoroll :D (or Zoomable Pattern Editor )


Recording automation in high resolution!

This is a major issue for me. Now that automation lanes support high resolution data, it’s really a shame all this resolution is not used when recording live automation via MIDI keyboard or via right-key dragging. It still quantizes it to LPB resolution, which is, most of the times, undesired. Sure, let’s keep this as an option. Sometimes quantized automation is cool. But let’s add high-resolution recording, PLEASE!

Or have I missed something and this option to turn high-resolution recording already existing?
(See? I doubt myself, because I really can’t believe it can’t already be there).

Patternless workflow allowing tracks of different lengths to be arranged in the Matrix and edited side by side.

Vertical waveform and automation views in editor. (Keep Renoise vertical.)

MIDI routing.

Better audio routing (flexibility with number of channels and destinations for multi-channel effects and production.)

More modularity while not breaking the tracker paradigm too much. Maybe B-Complex’s DSP idea is a good first step in this direction.

Better automation editing and recording (unquantised recording, external editor and overlapping display of multiple curves.)

Instrument improvements including envelopes per sample, controllable loop points and envelopes, optional ADSR type envelopes.

Better access via keyboard to all areas.

Learn mode for VST to Automation DSP.

Agree with most Keith303 about improvements to existing effects.

Audio tracks!
Audio tracks!
Audio tracks! :)

Basically an exact copy of the implementation of audio tracks in the big sequencers (Logic, Cakewalk, etc):

Each audio track has an assignable audio input and can be armed.
If multiple tracks are armed then Renoise should record multiple inputs simultaneously.

A really nice bonus would be a “recording stop criterion”:

  • threshold (if input signal falls below X db)
  • user keypress

That way you could, while recording, stop the midi playback at the end of a pattern and still record the audio tails.
Otherwise you would have to add an empty pattern to make sure no new midi notes are send during the audio tail recording (that’s my current way of working).

I made a post a while back in the Audio Tracks brainstorming topic about this:

It would be a fantastic addition to Renoise :)



warp-function/improved timestretch-sync or whatever its called and easier line-in recording, making it easier to record vocals.

Sheet music view/composition module

tiny tweak: step length can affect mouse wheel increments.

Piano roll (altough I start to getting on without it), and audio tracks.

As all my wishes were already said, and I can’t think of much more, here some dreaming: Integrated modular system with completely free routing capabilities, so renoise instruments can be built like in synthesizer-builder-software, similar to Reaktor, SynthEdit or SunVox. On the other hand, something like this is maybe overkill. Again, on the next hand (in case you have 3), renoise already comes with lots of integrated DSP “modules”, for building a subtractive synth you don’t need much more than an oscillator and VCA+Envelope DSP - of course with more variable routing capabilities.

… Just dreaming :rolleyes:
To the devs: Just continue with the good work, especially the care for stable releases! :yeah:

I would love to have REX support. That is about the only real feature I feel is missing, but I can get by without it.

DUH: http://tools.renoise.com/tools/additional-file-format-import-support


edit crap, I need rx2 (rex v2?) extension support too. The file import doesn’t work with rx2?

also, mind controlled input devices will be supported.

Would love to see things like :

  • Audio Tracks

  • Multiple recording (opening multiple sample recorders who can start recording simultaneously)

  • Dual/multiple Screen-mode (1 screen track sequence, 1 screen pattern sequence, 1 screen sampler)

  • Automation that isn’t attached to the limit of 4 bars. (useful for curve automation that goes on for 16 bars whatsoever)

  • Sampler external editor automation access

  • Sampler monophonic(retrigger)/polyphonic option

  • Auto-colour adjustment when editing pattern of a track. (you got your ‘basic’ pattern. when you make a break in the pattern it gets a different colour in the tracksequence)

  • External editor for automation

  • Loop points automation access

  • Resolution switch mode so you can switch your pattern sequence from 16th to 32th/64th notes without screwing up your project. I always program in 16th and sometimes you would like to make a little 32th break or 16T/D.

  • Groove templates like MPC/SP12. Not necessary, but would be nice!

This is pretty far it what i’m “missing” at the moment. Though i still praise the ‘lord’ for my decision switching from Logic to Renoise. Best move ever!