Considering nibbles and paddles exist

…I’m a little surprised there’s no clone or implementation of Fruity Dance for Renoise. Even REAPER has a Fruity Dance clone and that’s one of the more “serious” DAWs.

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i’m not surprised.


Why not code Fruity Dance for Renoise yourself, there is a huge API available in Renoise for extending it. You just need to learn LUA, it is an easy to learn language, similar to Javascript, but kept even more simple. Or maybe it is more easy to just use Fruity. Or Reaper.

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Another day another troll


Seriously? I’m a little surprised someone is seriously asking for useless crap that contributes absolutely nothing to a DAW. It’s quite the contrary, this would unnecessarily inflate a DAW. It’s about creating music, no more and no less.



Serious business indeed…


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I think one could code a tool that does it - perhaps the lua implementation allows for images and image flipping.

Now we can argue what would be the official Renoise Mascot? Re-chan? Noizu-chan? etc etc

I wish some one make it in 80s Fantasy / Dos Rpg style - something like this:


dude, yes. +1 for noizu-chan :space_invader:


Fortunately, since the assumption is for a tool and not a built-in feature, then those who don’t want to clutter Renoise can just ignore it. Other users can do as they please, right?

Why are you people looking down on fruity-chan? Shit is super funny and goofy, I often play with my friends that a Renoise mascot would be cool af. If wanting something similar in Renoise is trolling and a crime against the “Renoise boomer constitution” well then you can also arrest me for trying to have fun :S

that reminds me of doom, I kinda liked it!

Deep down inside we all know that every reputable DAW should have one. :smile:

i find it fun and entertaining when devs add little things like that. (like the games in Kilohearts plugins)

I wouldn’t mind of Renoise adding some interesting visualizer options similar to what we see in PixiTracker. Optional though so its not getting in anyones way unless they want it.

BUT not prioritized over improving Renoise first.

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There was a Virtual YouTuber that had a strikingly similar color palette to the Renoise logo and associated color scheme (amber/orange-brown, grey-ish black). Though she recently changed her appearance to a dark purple and updated “features”… Think her name was Snuffy?
Anyway, would Renoise benefit from a waifu mascot? Yes and No
Pro: More attention to the Tracker DAW workflow and increased interest haha
Con: Would make the much older crowd frown for tainting such a well-respected software with silly cartoon characters.
All up to you I guess.

i agree lol, fix renoise first (wheres the update?) and then add some of the more fun stuff in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it is one of the sprites from Hexen or Heretic - doom engine games.

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Personally I am not a big fan of anime influenced artworks, but you know, beauty is in the eye of beholder. In theory one could make the animation sprite frames modable - in subfolders. f01.jpg…f02.jpg…f03.jpg etc etc

Nothing turns me off faster than “Waifu Mascots” being thrown on products that are utterly unrelated. Its like the 90s obsession with “hot” “babes” holding synths or a fucking e-licencer dongle or whatever thirst trap madness took hold of the pro-audio advertising space (among MANY others). Its like the marketing team ask “are you a sad lonely nerd? Enjoy the hot chick… now buy our stuff and maybe youll get to have sex”. Except with the “Waifu” its not a real person and theyre almost always drawn to be of indeterminate age, because why just appeal to horny nerds when you can appeal to horny nerds AND potential sexual criminals. Its fucking weird.

Of course, provided it’s a tool. If there’s someone who really wants to waste time by creating a tool that contains useless crap, go for it. I say it’s better to just open a GIF if you really need to see someone or something dancing to your music, just like this:

Have fun! :man_facepalming:

Well, we all know that the REAL fun is CREATING MUSIC, and that’s what a DAW was made for, right? What do you think why there’s for example no built-in Mortal Kombat in Microsoft Word? It would be fun, right? But that’s not what Microsoft Word was made for. No need to say more.

Fuck no!


I honestly didn’t expect you guys to react so negatively to something so silly. It’s not like I’m asking or begging for it to be present.

I have to guess that most of you are older folk who consider Renoise a serious, respectable music creation tool, and are against silly stuff like this (and that I can correctly assume that you don’t use either nibbles or paddles, otherwise you’re really big hypocrites). I can respect your stance but calm down, this topic wasn’t meant to be serious anyway. I just consider Renoise can get away with stuff like this, unlike a DAW like Pro Tools which is what I use when I’m actually serious about producing.

Am I going to get lynched the day I ask a real question about Renoise or need help with it?



Nothing against someone making a tool for it.However Renoise devs working on integrating a fruity dance thing or whatever is a joke!! It would be a waste of time…

Most people would prefer a serious question and would also take it more seriously and put a lot of effort into solving the problem for you.There are some great people on these forums with a lot of knowledge to offer.The forums here can be a really useful tool.