Copy Slices From One Sample To Another

Exclude the thread title if it has been suggested before :)

hasn’t been suggested before afaik. how would you use this?

I don’t normally work with long samples but with the new features, who can resist.

Destructive. Long samples = not enough room for keyzones, so if I had 10 4_minute multitrack samples, I would slice them all at the same point in time or sample, destructively copy to new instrument, then delete the original.

Non-Destructive. When I need one sample’s slice markers to act as the master slice marker for another sample.

destructive: yes, i get it, good point
non-destructive: i am inclined to say this applies mostly to drumloops, but somehow i believe it will always be possible to find other samples for which this is in some way useful.

a +1 from me!

Test-ride this one:

Cool, will do…

Maybe this request is not needed.

Steps to impose slice markers onto another sample. I’ve only tested with two samples with nearly identical amounts of sample frames.

  1. If you do not want to delete or destroy the sample with the intended master slice markers, make a copy to work with.
  2. Highlight all of this working sample and adjust volume to -INF.
  3. Go to the other sample which you wish to have slice markers from step 2, highlight all and copy.
  4. Go to the -INF sample with slice markers intact, highlight all, and paste from the beginning or at sample frame “0” using Mix Paste (Add).

You forgot to tell that you need to have each sample into a separate instrument in sampleslot 0 because the slicer requires the main sample to be in the first sampleslot.