Change Samples Of Slices

(this might be a spin-off from the ‘Nonretarded Instruments’ thread)

say you (auto-)slice up a drumloop. now you want to replace the individual sample for each slice with a different sample. afaik, this cannot be done (because the slices are references to the main sample, not actual separate samples)

a similar thing is requested and subsequently described over here, but while the final post by 00.1 shows a very good trick, my above action can still not be done. the ‘render slices to new instrument’ tool, while pretty awesome, is not helping either, as it does not retain the sequence/rhythm/pattern of the slices, but just exports the individual slices.

i suppose this will end up a suggestion for destructive editing of slices (?)
or it might be scriptable?

The only way you can do that is by editing the slice in the main sample. Even if in the future, editing slices becomes a native solution, you will be editing either the part in the main sample if the slices are not split off (a guess) or a cloned copy of that area.
You can only affect the one spot in memory where the sample is and if you don’t want to affect the original, you need a copy.
But i suspect you desire a non-destructive form of editing the main sample while retaining stuff like auto-seek for it?

I did actually put a post about a very similar kind of idea in the non-retarded instrument thread here:

Some kind of slices instrument creation/editor tool could be nice. Ability to drag and drop slices into different positions, copy paste and repeat them, auto-generation of slice markers if a piece of audio is pasted within the main sample. Generate from a list of samples (create a long sample of them pasted to each other with slice markers between.)

I do understand this may be a headache to many and possibly not get much use though so definitely not a request I would put high in my list of desires. Would enable the cutting and rearranging of breakbeats while being able to view the waveform and then still allow further mangling by triggering different slices of your rearranged break. The Ruler set to Beats would come into it own then for keeping you from going too far out of time (and would need the above mentioned ability to change length of slices) but I think it could give some interesting results and good groove

While it would be nice to have more power in editing a sample slice (things like individual envelopes), I think the fact that it’s a reference to the original sample is a good thing, and very important. It’s important because it gives Renoise more non-destructive editing capability – what vV said is a typical example.

If you want to edit the slick sample data, just copy it in a new instrument. If you do it a lot, use (make) a script.

i do not really want a non-destructive method per se; i would just like a way to keep the rhythm of a loop while changing the samples.