Could Redux/Renoise's architecture support a granular engine?

I just think it would compliment it so well - I’m getting such amazing stuff out of Redux but a granular engine would make it an unstoppable powerhouse. Any interest/ideas to implement something like this? Would it even be possible?

Would love granular features in the sampler. And then being able to modulate all the parameters ! Modulate slice offset, grain size / length etc. I’m doing a LOT of this in reaktor with custom ensambles, so its +10 for me :slight_smile:

Don’t know about Redux, but if you use phrases in Renoise native granulation is pretty possible.

Don’t know about Redux, but if you use phrases in Renoise native granulation is pretty possible.

Ya, the phrases I think is the best way to do it now and make it pretty manageable. You can only have up to FF ‘grains’, I suppose, but that’s a lot for small samples. If you wanted to go all out, you could chop the whole thing up into a billion (or maybe FF) little looped samples but it’s a bit of an unnecessary pain in the ass most of the time.

You can use volume envelopes for windowing/declick/overlap/gap filling/comb filtered robo metal sounds.

So, you pretty much have the tools there to put it together yourself.

It does make one consider how cool it would be to have layered phrases. Kind of working like the sample keyzones, or something.

If granular was implemented in some way other than Sxx commands, I would prefer modulated sample start times and loop times, hopefully in conjunction with non-retriggering lfo and/or envelope options(and some little tutorial aside in the manual). You could maybe kill FF birds with one stone like that.

That’s a good example xrxs, you certainly can get some good granular effects like that - a bit time consuming to set up/tweak perhaps (compared to a typical granular synth) but the capability is certainly there!

I would like to see another approach than the Sxx commands, but i guess it would be usable if phrase speed was automatable, because changing the global tempo for this is quite useless under normal circumstances.

brought this up during Redux alpha, how there’s so much untapped granular potential. I’ve suggested being able to automate bpm/lpb through pattern commands per phrase. It wasn’t a priority to implement at that time. I hope it’ll make a future update. Same for the eternal request of automating sample loop point positions.

You’ll need to be able to access samples at a finer level than with sample offset in the pattern, ideally down to the individual sample points. Then being able to modulate the offset with lfos and other slow moving curves, multiple overlapping individual grains/samples, that stuff is a real pain right now. Not to mention there’s more ways to approach the granular window than with just chopping the grains up, moving sampels into fft for some clever pitch mangling then makes total sense. Does anyone know if the convolution tool does an actual convolution matrix or in FFT space?

Reniose have such a great sampler, I agree that tapping granular sampling for renoise/redux makes so much sense.

Don’t know about Redux, but if you use phrases in Renoise native granulation is pretty possible.

How are you changing the sample playback within the phrases?