Custom Block Loop Sizes?


I am currently a very happy Renoise user having recently purchased the software. However I have a question. Is it possible to create a custom block loop size and position? It seems block loops default to 16 measures at 4 possible positions which is fine on the most part but becomes awkward when trying to fine tune sections that do not fall exactly between 0-15,16-31,32-47 etc. I could not see anything in the help file related to this.

Hope this makes sense.


Chris (ozy)

No, not that I know of…

i see this hasn’t been addressed at all by the staff even after 2.5 years. why isn’t it still possible to make custom block loop size? why cant it play a block from a current position but only from straight 1/2, 1/4 1/8 etc etc of patterns? looping a mouse selection on a pattern would be a dream come true. if someone could at least reply and tell me this for some reason isn’t possible ill at least stop banging my head around it. block looping is not very precise and you can either play a too small of a block to cover that what you want to hear or you have to make a big block and lose tons of time looping half the pattern for a tiny note alteration.

i find it a bit silly solving a basic but really timesaving thing like this wasn’t a priority before implementing all the other stuff.

yes, you find it basic and timesaving. i don’t. some other folks here don’t either. and again some others do. i do think lots of ‘the other stuff’ (wow, pretty euphemistic way of speaking you employ here) is pretty basic and timesaving as well. i’m sure others agree. i’m sure some others do not.
the dev’s make their own priorities, and they try their best to find a balance between their ideas and those of the community. the fact that this one thread has received a single comment in all these years is also a testimony of how many people are desperately crying out for this feature. so that explains why this wasn’t a priority.

as to the current possibilities of doing this, i’ll have to let others more knowledgeable than me speak.

Something clunky but possibly usable I think could be done with the API.

You can check with lines in a pattern are selected (highlighted.)
You can check the current playback position line (this is where it is a little clunky as it’s not 100% realtime)
You can then set playback position to first highlighted line.
Looping may not be completely seemless but may be good enough to use.

Other than that I don’t know what to recommend…

people get used to things fast when they work with them a lot, but that doesn’t mean they are efficient. and once people learn to use a certain procedure well they don’t care anymore and actually have an aversion towards change. and im just wondering why, since its doable in most(if not all) of the other daws, cant renoise do this seemingly trivial thing while it can do so many advanced ones. at least do a block loop from a certain user selected note/position if its that hard to make the user control the loop points. you never had a sequence you were working on or editing thats on the end of a larger block so when you reduce the block you no longer can loop the whole phrase to make alterations while listening the whole part so you can hear it in context? so only thing left is to make a even larger loop so each cycle i have to listen to a second+ of silence? sure, its no big deal and we will get by, and its just my way of doing things, but to me its silly and its seems like a hole in the basic controls. im just wondering whats the deal here…its frecking user selected loop points were talking about here not rocket science

Custom blocks, or the way it is but with dragable blocks.

I suggested it HERE a while ago, still hoping it gets implemented some day :rolleyes:

@bornaa: look man, i agree with the idea very much, and it is just as logical to me as it is to you to have something like this. please don’t get me wrong. all i’m saying is that in your initial post you over- and understated some things to make your point. which is why i attempted to make you see that you were coming on a bit strong, and this is simply a feature request; nothing more. it is a good request, but it should be in the ‘Ideas & Suggestions’ forum, not in Help, Support and Bugs.
with this thread being in the wrong place and pretty old, you are better off continuing with the thread td6d linked to, which is a newer version in the right place which actually has replies.

Although it doesn’t have your pretty mock-up this thread is 18 months older :P

Haha, fair enough. Now this thread has my pretty mock-up too!

sorry english aint my native language and i was maybe a bit irritated while writing this due to the same block loop problem i encountered while working in renoise today so it may have come across a bit harsh. renoise is the best freckign audio tool i ever used and only want to see it even better and more intuitive! :walkman:

@bornaa: fair enough man, no hard feelings, just want to make sure we are not being irrational here :)

if i was irrational lack of this feature wouldn’t bother me :lol:

nice ;)

The strange thing is , that when you use reason as a rewire slave and set a verry small strange loop , the blocksize in renoise is correct …
So why not just implement this feature in renoise as astandalone