Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 18

Voting over!

  1. DubKidFlash
  2. Kazakore
    3. Rhowaldt
  3. The Bellows.

Winner is no.3 by Rhowaldt. Congratulations mate! Typically it’s happened while you’re on holiday innit…

On that note I actually had a feeling that he may win this round so I sent him a PM in case he does at least pop onto the 'net at some point on holiday. As he doesn’t seem to be around to set rules for next one I said I’d put up a poll with a couple of ideas and let you vote for the next round. If he replies before it starts on Thursday it will overrule whatever the outcome.

The three choices are:

  1. Standard rules, sample pack, just like the very first round was.
  2. Only effects from the Depreciated folder of the DSP Chains allowed and all must be used at least once. Meta and Send devices still allowed. (May be hard to get good mix with no EQ or Compressor.)
  3. Tempo of the range 32-63BPM, LPB 2 or 3 (or might restrict to 1 only.) No loops and double drums & percussion samples in the sample pack. (Forcing use of things like retrigger and delay.)

Tracking over and files uploaded.

Deadline for voting is 12noon UK time Tuesday 2nd August 2011
(Please bear in mind Monday is my birthday so I may not be in a fit state to announce winner and contestants in a timely fashion.)

Download pack can be found here:

And Soundcloud set is here:

Deadline for submissions: 12noon UK time Thursday 28th July

“Loads of Meta!”

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None
Additional Rules: You must use every Meta Device that Renoise has at least once and each normal track has to have at least one Meta Device in it. Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except Line-In. This includes rendering selection and similar.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Meta Devices are:
Hydra Device
X-Y Pad
LFO Device
Velocity Tracking Device
Key Tracking Device
Signal Follower.

For more information see:

Sample Pack:

Cool idea! I’ll definitely join this one B)

yeah i agree. how else are you gonna check if people followed the rules?

okay i’m trying to compete in this round. it is again coinciding a bit with the 3hr knockout compo, but since that is just 3 hours of tracking and i got the week off next week before i go on holiday, i should have enough time to join both.
cool idea, as i said before i love it most when the rules for these compos encourage people to make use of Renoise features they have not used (very often) before.

Might actually try and get in on this one myself…

Amended rules to say project files are compulsory.

started on this round tonight, and i have to say, really cool assignment, this is really forcing me to think about how to use an effect on a track. for each new track i add i have to figure out a useful, meaningful way for employing one of the Meta-Devices (because i think its lame to just whack it on there controlling a mostly pointless parameter - you have to not only have them on the track but put them to good use as well, imo). cool. will continue tomorrow.

Can’t do anything at the moment, i’m in deep shock about the massacre and bombing in my home town yesterday. How can someone do that?

oh yes, damn, didn’t realize you came from there… yeah man, pretty bizarre. recently someone here in the Netherlands opened fire in a public mall. seems this kinda thing is happening more and more. the question you’re asking is a hard one; the police usually either don’t explain everything, and/or don’t know everything because you cannot ask the people involved as these kind of things are usually suicide missions. but you gotta be pretty fucked up in the head to do such a thing.

edit: just watching the news now. no suicide this time, the guy’s been arrested and willing to talk. so you might your answer after all. i doubt it will be very satisfying though.

Shit forgot you were Norwegian. Messaged a couple of my friends living in Oslo shortly after first seeing it in the news yesterday and not heard back from them but looking down one of their walls on FB it looks like they may have come back to the UK for Secret Garden Party this weekend so hopefully they’re well away from it.

Not managed to start myself and moving somebody into my flat this weekend so doubt I’ll get much chance… Think I have the late shift Tuesday and Wednesday, which are usually quiet, so hopefully a couple of hours at least each of them once the boss has gone home for the day ;)

Damn. I saw your entry in the shoutbox, but you know there is sometimes weird stuff in there – I thought you were ranting about some first person shooter game or something. Damn.

Rhowaldt, i got ya!! you definitely got to have used the sample editor window… check this out! Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 14

anyway yeah i have to figure out the signal follower anyway, and a useful application for the XY pad. (o wait it’s right click recordable :))

suffering from damn weed withdrawal this weekend, working on this round. tired of smoking normal stuff and not feeling up to par. it is all in my head but i hate it. maybe finishing a really cool track for this compo will help me get over it. at least it is getting pretty complex and learning a lot.

Not even started yet. Hoping for quiet days at work and hopefully I can get about 6 hours between tomorrow and Wednesday to try and get something in…

Headaches and computer troubles here at work today so not had a chance to even get started yet, or even get out the workshop to get myself some dinner, yet today. Here’s to hoping I will manage to get at least a little done before the deadline though! If I get up when my housemate does on Thursday maybe I can have a couple of hours last minute morning tracking time… ;)

Working on a track now, just need to find a use for a key tracker. :guitar:

Owwch! Been there, just remember…

You’re more productive, creative without it, even if you feel less so!

I’m trying to get something going. I don’t really have a set-up yet and I’ve got lots of other stuff on, but it’s fun to give it shot. Really interesting sample pack! Thinking about each sample in terms of applying an original use of a meta-device is a nice challenge! :)

@mane: thanks for the support. i notice how the weekends are hardest, as they are the moments when i used to smoke. my mind has coupled ‘free time’ with ‘smoke weed’, and that is the whole issue here. now that the weekend is over i’m still free (holiday) but not craving for it as i was. finished my track for the 3hr Renoise compo tonight, sober, and feeling pretty okay about it (both the track and sobriety). i will be in Italy as of Thursday so that will be much easier.

Barely smoke these days, can’t be fucked with the price for little bags off street rats and not had a good contact for quantities of nice weed at a reasonable price for ages. If I did would probably still be smoking every day though… But at least I never started smoking evil ciggies!

My use of Key-Tracker is pretty shit. Overall not liking what I’ve got so far but was less than two hours at the end of a stressful day at work yesterday… Think only Meta I haven’t used so far is X-Y Pad (still never used it) and haven’t put one in every track yet…

Fingers crossed at the end of this round I will of run 18 competitions and entered 2 of them though ;)

@kazakore: i guess that’s the ‘advantage’ i have from living in the Netherlands - always good weed available, semi-legally.
i wouldn’t be able to smoke every day though, i wouldn’t get up in time for work each morning. also, i have smoked for 2 years daily, and found that the fun of it gets less and less with every passing day. for me the disadvantages (paranoia, routine, slowness in social situations, nihilist hangovers) started to greatly outweigh the benefits (more focus, (perceived) creativity boosts, wacky thoughts, feeling relaxed). that, and the laughter-kicks start to subside after a couple months of regular smoking as well.
i’m a pretty pro-drugs person, but things should never become routine and should never come to a point where there are no more benefits. over time i’ve become a fan of the once-hated phrase that ‘life is the biggest trip’…

on to the music: yeah i had loads of trouble both using some of the meta-devices and having one on each track. my workflow is such that i easily create 3 new tracks for doing some fx stuff, but now i had to keep in mind that for each new track i had to use a meta-device. that stopped me from adding too much new tracks :)

the XY-pad is, imo, good for automating through a couple of LFO’s. just map X and Y to some cool parameters of a filter or ringmod or lofimat or whatever, and hook up an LFO to each parameter so that the little dot is flying over the XY-field doing awesome stuff.
the Keytracker is really useful as a second Signal Follower, but where you want to just have each note give you the same value, so for example each note resets an LFO at the start. you do this by having both sliders on the Keytracker all the way to the left.

anyway, good luck with it, would be nice to hear a song from you for a change :)

I’ve done that with the Velocity Tracker and know that trick. Tried to be slightly more creative with the Key Tracker and have it adjusting parameters of the Phaser on a fairly heavily effected sound so each note played gets different emphasis ;)

XY Pad I was going to try and use for some right-click live recording, rather than automate with LFO or by hand, as otherwise you are just using it as a two output Hydra (although it looks cooler.)

yeah, just because it looks cooler is the whole point of me doing it that way i guess… i’m a sucker for making stuff that looks cool :)