Dead Dog Renoise Competition Round 28

Voting is over. Good turnout so thank you all.

Congratulations to The Bellows! For a very well deserved win.

Although I must say good entries all around.

  1. Robbie S
    2. The Bellows
  2. Rhowaldt
  3. Kurtz
  4. Elmex

Tracking time is over. Time to get listening and voting. Quite a good turn out this round so thanks you all!

Deadline for votes is Tuesday 27th December 2011 @ 12noon UK time

I hope the festive period wont make it too hard for many to vote…

Get the pack below:

Let’s try a mysterious round !

First have a look at this photo of a kid :

It represents a kid that has just encountered Stan. But who is Stan?!? Please provide your answer by harnessing the awesome power which is Renoise using only the samples provided below.

b]Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Thursday 22th December 2011[/b]

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any (fitting to the above picture.)
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed except for Line-In and Draw tool in Sample Editor.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample Pack:

Also, I should say use of 2.8 betas is very much encouraged. It is only requested that 2.8 specific rules be held back until RC1 is released.

As I’m pretty new to this, and not very experienced with making music, what does “fitting to the above picture” mean? Does that mean no Gabber, or only Chrismas-themed? Or is it open to interpretation, even if far fetched?

Also: Is it allowed to squeeze, cut, stretch, distort and shape the samples in any - with renoise possible - way? I mean, generally reuse the available waveforms from the samples for new sounds?


Yes, as long as it’s done within Renoise, using either native functions or downloadable Tools from:

So you can cut a single cycle from an existing sample and use it for chip-type sounds but you can’t use the draw tool to make one from scratch ;)

Cool, that sounds fun. Lets see if I finish something at least a bit decent until next week. I followed the last two rounds closely and the creative output by the others were really fun to listen to, and I think it’s a real bummer only so “few” submissions were done.

Totally open to interpretation. The picture has been especially selected so that finally you can put whatever you want in it and build your own scenario for the scene. What you know is that the kid is outside, it’s late, the weather is very cold, snowing, he sees someone, and looks surprised. We know that he sees someone that has a name, and that is called “Stan”. Is the kid frightened, paralized by fear ? Or maybe is he just admirative ? Has the kid met someone he allready knows ? Or maybe is “Stan” a complete stranger ? BTW is “Stan” a “human being” ? A hollywood star ? A 3D avatar lost in harsh reality ? A small creature from a cartoon ? Someone he’s previously seen on a TV show ? A serial killer with a moustache ? Why not an “alien” ? How does Stan look like ? We don’t know. The picture is just a starting point for your musical imagination and your creativity. Some basic or generic chip samples have been added, and you can develop lots of unique sounds starting from those chip samples. Of course, if you’ve no idea of who is Stan, some samples from the pack, are allready “Christmas oriented”. Like the famous “Ho ho ho”, the typical bells, what would lead your work to a “seasonal genre” production. But if you’ve got other ideas, and with the power of Renoise, you can completely tweak sounds, express something really different.

Thanks! Then I understood the Theme completely :D

hi elmex, welcome to the party! glad to see you instantly grasped the idea of this compo. it is all in good fun and ‘among friends’, and you can be liberal within the rules for each round. it is a great way to start making music, whether you are experienced or just starting out.

kurtz, i gather this ‘Stan’-thing was your idea, from winning the last compo? really cool idea. in fact, i have been absent here for a while but think i’ll join in again this round and build a submission this weekend (as usual :))

kazakore, i know i’ve said this before but you deserve eternal praise for setting up this series of competitions. i’m sorry for having been absent for a while, hope you didn’t feel let down too much… i know at least you’ve always got kurtz at your side nowadays :)

hey rhowaldt, welcome back ! :rolleyes: you’re right, the winner of a round still defines rules for the next round, as usual ! and if there are no ideas for a rule, no problem, a “randomly generated samplepack” is still provided by kazakore and participants just have to work with it ; I’d be very happy if you could find some time to participate, sure that we miss your style :walkman:.

is rendering to sample allowed?

maybe my first entry if i have enough free time :slight_smile:

yes, however this competition requires from you that you let the other participants understand & learn your technique(s) ; you have to keep somewhere in your provided .xrns the samples and pattern selections you had to render. You can add a text label next to those patterns in the pattern matrix, for example “rendered selection #1”. Of course those rendered patterns (or tracks) can simply be muted and you can also bypass them during the final song playback with the help of the “pattern break” global command, for example.

Thanks for the nice preamble there Kurtz, I think I actually left off the very brief description of what Stan was about in my first post. Sorry about that.

Welcome to the party Elmex and welcome back Rhowaldt; hiya Entropia and good luck.

As Kurtz mentions it is requested that you try and make it clear how any rendered sounds/selection are made or where you may of cut small sections from other samples. Other than that the techniques are allowed and as the rule is hard to enforce it’s more of a courtesy thing you do so for your fellow participants.

Although I said all Tools are allowed I think the generating tools (Custom Waveform, ReSynth, FMSynth etc) are exceptions to this rule as they generate their own samples and trust it was understood (and meant by Kurtz) in this way.

I like this compo overall idea, and have been following these threads every now and then, but this is such an intriguing theme that I just might have to loose my renoise release virginity. Worried about whether there’s time, AND the sample pack, which may give me a hard time. :P

Have to admit I didn’t even listen to and vet the sample pack this time, I trusted Kurtz to have done a sterling job. Usually I’d give it a once through and may add or remove a few bits if I felt it necessary. Hope it’s not too hard a pack.

^ a creative mind can work with every sample pack, even if it just consists of 3 fart-samples. ;)

That should be the next round, pollish the turd.



nice hidden message kurtz! :D

a masterpiece