Do We Need A German-Speaking Forum?

I dont know if this was discussed in the past (my forums search was negative).

A friend who has demoed renoise and has already ordered it, because he see the power of the tool, has asked me about this.
He has trouble to get the concept of renoise and has now stoped working with it. Other people at his work he knew are interested and would test it, but one of the first question are if it is in german.

It would be a plus if german speaking users get in touch and help each other in a language they are understand.

I know my english is fa away from good enough … :lol:

i’d prefer just a non-english subforum.

I see you posting in english and working with a program that makes use of the english language
that has a english manual coming with it.
You have also have found this website.
If your friends prefer a other program with a confusing forum like reaper, so be it, you don’t lose your license
if so.

A little hardspoken but I have to get the idea over, renoise is where everybody should could
read all the posts & tips i think. Keep it global here , mistakes in english never was a problem on this forums.
What next? Croatian sub,kazachstan sub , chinese sub, french sub…
Renoise 2.7 all south african spoken as a new feature.
Besides that you need moderators who got to be payed so the the forums stay clean and accurate.
This means renoise have to spend money on it instead developments.
Keep it simple as core feature.
You can hate me now.

Just create a German Renoise User Group or something in Facebook and there you have it. :)

i hate you.
no, i’m kidding. i actually agree with you.
i’m not German, but i’m quite close and we’re often confused with our neigbours, especially in Hollywood-movies (i’m Dutch, yes)

@Bambooli: i’d hate a Dutch-speaking subforum, honestly. i enjoy seeing my fellow Dutchmen around here, and occasionally throwing in a bit of Dutch for the insider.
if the only reason for a German-speaking forum would be your incompetence in the English language, i’d say: start practicing. i hope you will not request a German LUA-library or something like that. i mean, you just can’t ignore the English language when it comes to computers. please, don’t be French, and just learn to speak English.
(by the way, from your post, your English is fine - good enough for making yourself understandable, and you’ll learn with time)

the problem with “english only”, in my experience from other forums, isn’t really for “westerners” but more often for people from asia.

they tend not to sign up at all :(

really? i would enjoy having a bit of a chat in swedish from time to time. (although most swedes are totally taliban about not using swedish on international forums so it would probably be quite rare)

I dont see a negative if we have a german subforum or in other languages.
The main forum will be english for sure but not everybody is familier with english and if it comes to tricky technically things it is much easier in the own language.

The argument to learn first english and then use software/renoise is typical.

Many software is avaible in more than always english and with support for other languages.

If renoise itself get no language support, a subforum will be a help.

You can ignore it if you dont want it.


Start your local user group, have a beer, discuss Renoise, help each other out.

There are too many languages out there, nothing is stopping your friend from posting in german, and subsequently getting few to no replies.

EDIT: I speak french, my wife is japanese… English is, unfortunately or fortunately depending on which side of the coin you prefer, the universal default.


What about people who have no facebook accound?

In this forum it must be possible to create a subforum, this is what i have see at the bottom.
Why not here the support for the software they are sell? You look for a forum by microsoft if you have questions about apple-os? You go to a butcher for vegetables?

That make no sense.

These software cost tons more money, or are Linux, and have staff/volunteers on hand willing to answer questions in the languages. If we start a vietnamese subforum, and no one on the Renoise team can read vietnamese, that’s pretty bad. Maybe the support sucks and makes Renoise look terrible?

Yes, Renoise is based in Berlin so there are german speakers, but it opens the door to other languages which can’t be supported.

Just tell your friend to post now, in german, no one will ban him or anything. I don’t see the problem.

many times in the past I have replied to questions posed in italian here. other people have contacted me privately in order to ask me questions in italian. We obviously cannot offer a subforum for each of the main languages in the world; noone does this.

your friend could simply post his questions in german in the help or beginners section: some german people will surely answer him

To compare, Ableton Live is also in Berlin, costs hundreds of Euro more to buy, and has no German sub-forum…

It’s not a feasible request.

magix music maker has a forum and i costs not much as cubase, nuendo, ableton …

i dont see a negativ if we have a quick access to a subforum in the own language.
the mix of many langugaes in the same forum will be after a while chaotic

I demand Québécois! A sub-forum of French!

The negative is no one on the Renoise team wants to moderate these types of forums. It’s not cost-effective.

As an aside, we have a Japanese forum, but it’s maintained by a “user group”. Not Renoise.

See IT-Alien’s suggestion. Or, start a user group.

There should not be a subforum in my opinion.

People generally don’t mind the occasional question asked in other languages if you really struggle. The polite way to do it is to post with an English translation, either badly by yourself or one of the terrible online translators, then also post in your native language, then everybody can at least get the gist of what you are talking about. It does happen and I can understand why it being in your native language is going to help but due to the size of the Renoise community at least trying to enclude English is going to hopefully get you the most coverage and help and others who do then speak both languages can help explain if there was a good reply in English by somebody who doesn’t speak your language.

I know 3-5 people who would buy renoise if there would be a minimum a german manual and the chance for a german forum. Beside the other concept like a piano-roll sequencer the people need much more help at the beginning.

I can’t understand these people, then: on which point they base their intention to buy Renoise if they know how to use it so few that they need a german manual in order to understand how to use it?

I really cannot see the point. Do they already use the demo and would buy it if a german manual would be available? :huh: Or do they think that with a german manual they would be able to understand it and then they would surely buy it? :huh:

they are both pointless ideas in my opinion.

Manual edition costs time (=money) to write and mantain; anyone is welcomed to mantain a translation of the manual, as Satobox does for japanese, but don’t expect the team to do this for you.

A language specific forum would be surely more affordable (you are welcomed to create your own german forum by the way), but please tell these people that they are free to post in german on the forum as I said above

Let’s create an Estonian subforum where Eeter can ask support questions and I can reply to him. Also, we will discuss a meetup once in a while, but never actually have one, cause neither of us have any money. :D

Trust me, there is a LOT more people who have facebook account than rather than those who have Renoise forums account. :)

And as always, if someone doesn’t have it, he can always register.

These people use software like magix music maker and i show them what renoise can do. After the first minutes of testing they asked me about a german manual and if they can ask in a german forum.
That the menu is in english they will accept. This people are not that pc-freaks with amount of clue in production software. They have fun to make little bit online-radio shows and interested to make some basic tracks. They liked what they see with my renoise demonstration but the language is here the point and so they switch to supported one. For me it is no problem the most time. I give this request here in the forum for them.