Do We Need A German-Speaking Forum?

In my opinion there is no need for a subforum. As already offered, just post in german if it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary to get the message across. If people are able to write in english they should do it, for the sake of the community, which is then probably able to reply, and later on, learn from your thread. Also, it’s a fine refreshment for early english lessons. ;)

If you write german posts, there won’t be a lot of people able to help you, which was also mentioned already.

Also, i personally find it arrogant if people use languages others don’t understand, IF it is just for comfort and not necessary to bring the message across. Otherwise, that’s fully ok of course.

As a final statement: I am a native german speaker, and i will be glad to help if someone is not capable to express him/herself in english. And if i can of course, i’m just a beginner myself. ;)

i demand an austrian subforum in the german subforum ! :badteeth:

When looking at the voting-results, it seems that there is no real urgent demand for it no.
If we would translate this request into added marketvalue, we gain 12.20% percent extra marketshare on the German market. But who voted yes?

I don’t think we are “totally taliban” :P
But that we have adopted english, maybe even too much, so why bother with the aggreviation :)
On top of that there are swedish forums that are dedicated to music (in swedish) but are not specific to one software package.
E.g., there are several renoise users on that board (me included) so there are no problems using that site to discuss renoise-topics.
Also alot of discussions are not really software dependant, e.g. how to use one set of gear or effect to create X is really similar to all type of music programs.

So another option to the original poster is to find a german music forum and ask for a sub-forum there or start a Renoise thread which everyone can use.
Point is, as have already been said, why put the extra load onto the renoise team ?
It will surely not take long before someone else ask for a X-language sub-forum, and of it goes.

I haven’t voted because it’s not up to me.
I would vote no however, to keep the “native” renoise forums non-fragmented.

as you may or may not have noticed, Bambooli decided to take up the good advice and started an initiative to make a German translation of the Quick Start Guide! [German] Wir Brauchen Eine Deutsche Schnellanleitung

Yep missed that :)

let’s start a forum for germans learning english.

I think is good for Renoise to be available in other languages. I speak Spanish, but its good to start with something.

If someone needs them,
here are translated into German language user manuals

Renoise Bedienungsanleitung 3.1!ARwDRagR!8lv64N8Ri1-YXLyc2NIygbARcpaacHKG8gilDt82xd4

Renoise Schnellstartanleitung!IAghnSDC!E5kxu1HAg_JPBYwfONn6Qn25KD4wrIK0U2r5Sc1tpzE

Redux Schnellstartanleitung!tc5RDAIY!6DvVsCLxVWg1b6C5FH2TyCVmWmtBjIqMrlhmiANGqkw

Greets, Neander Diggi Thaler